Femdom Empire – Cock Sucking Sissy Training

“Cock Sucking Sissy Training” is the follow up scene on Femdom Empire “Sissy Belly Full of Cum” where Mistress Lexi Sindel rewards her sissy for being a good cock sucker and unlocks her from chastity. Lexi let’s her sissy jerk her cock with a big load of cum still on her face. Lexi collects the sissy’s cum in a spoon then feeds it to her, right after she cums Lexi immediately locks her cock back in chastity. A good sissy always has a belly full of cum and a chastised cock. In the new video, Lexi’s transformed Sissy Tiffany Satin into a “working girl” at her ranch. Lexi supervises while Sissy Tiffany Satin services her first client. Tiffany eagerly sucks cock and begs to swallow his cum. When the video begins, Mistress Lexi looks absolutely gorgeous when she enters the bedroom and her trendy, pink wig wearing sissy trails behind. The Domme orders the pathetic sub to kneel on the floor. Sissy Tiffany has to suck the cock of her first client, Mr. Deviant Kade. She doesn’t get paid unless she makes the john cum! The sub smiles mindlessly like the bimbo she is when she promises her owner to swallow the man’s cum. Mr. Kade is already aroused in anticipation when he enters the room. You can tell because his big dick is hard as a rock when he whips it out of his jeans and briefs. Even Mistress Lexi seems impressed. I know I am! Mistress Lexi assists at times by holding the large organ for the gloved cock sucker as she works the bulbous head. The Domme continues to give instructions and even jerks the client off while Sissy Tifanny tea bags his big balls. Then Mistress Lexi forces her slut’s head all the way down the length of that long, thick, juicy prick! Then the sissy promises to swallow every last drop of the man’s cum when she’s allowed to come up for air. Sissy Tiffany isn’t totally successful in the end, but close enough. A lot of the man’s load shoots across her face, but at least she does a great job of licking up what’s escaped. Before it’s over, Mistress Lexi reaches down between Sissy Tiffany’ legs and grasps her CBT device. Her poor cock wasn’t allowed to climax and it’s oozing pre-cum! Her pink balls are bloated and we know she wishes she could have an orgasm terribly. But not every sissy is allowed to cum when she wants to. That privilege comes at the whim of the Mistresses at the Femdom Empire.

Mistress Tangent – So Tight

The official website of professional Dominatrix Mistress Tangent was launched in 2013 under the flagship site of Mistress Jennifer which offers over 60 beautiful Dominatrixes and more than 500 exclusive scenes of every conceivable fetish, from foot worship to extreme strap-on play. There’s easy navigation for model and scene lookup, high quality video and high resolution action still photos with one click zipped download. This site is updated every three days.

In “So Tight” Mistress Tangent gets Her sissy ready for torture. She inspects his tight ass and makes him do some humiliating walking as She whips him for encouragement. She ties up his clit and pulls it back so he looks more like the woman he wants to be. She loves to punish his clit and his balls seem to be swelling as She spanks him.

Mistress Tangent has Her sissy slave’s clit all tied up and She uses the electric paddle on him. She knows he hates the shock and She loves to do it. she alternates with the zapper and a vibrator on his swelling nuts. She makes sure his clit and balls are secure and puts on a huge strap-on. She bends him over and inspects his ass She is going to fuck.

Mistress Tangent probes his ass with Her fingers and loosens his tight hole. Good hard strap-on action as Mistress Tangent fucks Her slave. His ass is immobilized and all he can do is take the huge long cock up to the hilt. She spanks him for a bit and then fucks him some more.

More strap-on action as the pegging is intense. His bound balls are swollen and his cock is pulled back by the bondage this professional Dominatrix has inflicted on his private parts. She pulls out several times to finger his ass pussy and torture his balls.

This slut is going the distance as he is fucked harder and deeper than ever before. She uses the electric zapper right on the back of his balls which have turned a deep shade of purple from the ball bondage. She finally allows his clit some relief as She pulls his cock back and applies the vibrator right to the back of the head causing him to squirt a massive load onto a clear plate. Now it is time for him to lick it up!

The Mistress writing this blog post enjoys this Mistress Tangent video on the Mistress Jennifer and Friends network perhaps as much as sissies do, but from a Domme’s POV. The sissy has a cute little floggable, fuckable ass and looks good in the leather corset and especially in the lacy stockings and tall, open-toe pumps. His circumcised clit rests above a plump set of balls he’s dutifully shaven. He’s certainly not passable as a girl, but very cute. His sissy clit gets rather large when his tight ass is penetrated and his prostate and balls massaged by a magic wand vibrator. It’s obvious that he’s not a trans girl on hormones, which would be nice, but not the case. I can tell by the huge amount of sissy cream he shoots into Mistress Tangent’s glass plate!

Shemale.XXX – Origami Fox Dildo Play


If you’re a crossdresser in transition, hoping to begin your journey or would like to simply live vicariously through a gorgeous transgirl, watch the VIDEO TRAILER on Shemale.XXX of Origami Fox! If you can’t view it for any reason here is a preview gallery to whet your whistle. She actually has to incredible sets on the site! “Origami Fox reporting for duty!,” she says by way of introduction. “Haha… Hi there everyone, Origami Fox here, So I guess I have to tell you a little about myself. Oh boy… Where to start? Well, I have been on hormones since early-ish 2011. I am an anime lovin’, video game playin’, and amature cosplayin’ nerd. I am naturally submissive, fairly random, extremely affectionate, super cuddly, slightly clingy, and a lover of all things fluffy! Errrr, i hope you guys really enjoy my sets! So much so that you demand more! Well, that’s about all I can think of so sit back, break out the lube, and enjoy the show!” Origami continues talking in her second Shemale.XXX video saying, “I’m back,” while facing the camera barefoot in a skimpy top and panties. She quickly turns to present her amazing ass, spreading her fleshy butt cheeks apart. She talks about how much she loves the panties she’s wearing, but they won’t be on for much longer. The photographer zooms in on Origami’s long legs and high-arched feet for quite some time. If you’re a leg admirer or foot fetish, you might find yourself cumming before you get halfway through this scene. Origami exposes her fun spot and cock before she let’s you see her budding, hormone boobs. She does this while perched on a chair making you imagine fucking her doggystyle. Then she stands up and strips completely nude and casually kicks her panties away. Origami gives you another devastating butt show while stretched out on the chair. Then she starts fucking herself with a long glass dildo! This horny activity gets Origami so worked up that her cock becomes raging hard and oozing pre-cum! She strokes it with a generous amount of oil. Don’t forget to watch the trailer on the Grooby site featuring their finest lineup of beauties – Shemale.XXX! I hope this little hottie never gets a set of fake tits. Those hormones are workin’ and clearly not affecting her erections!

Femdom Empire – Sorority House Hazing

Sissy Danielle wants to be part of Deanna Storm and Lexi Sindel’s sorority house, but if she wants to get in, she has to withstand their brutal hazing process. Lexi has put a dildo on the end of a broom handle, perfect for shoving up their pledge’s ass. The girls laugh as they humiliate the sissy bitch. Deanna takes incriminating photos of the humiliated sissy pledge as a little “insurance.” Danielle’s cute sissy ass is so severely bruised! She’s a cute one, too who has obviously been feminized for quite some time. Her hair is naturally long and I’d guess her age to be mid to late 30s. Her legs are very sexy in the fence net stockings she wears and her cute feet are clad in tall platforms. The look of pain on Sissy Danielle’s pretty face is the real deal. No sissy could be tormented like this and not be reduced to real tears. I really enjoy the fact that the subject of this scene is the sissy’s plump, tortured, fuckable ass! Deanna Storm is amazing as a stern, beautiful Domme. But Head Mistress Lexi Sindel is the sole Owner and absolute Ruler of the Femdom Empire and manages all aspects of Her Company. She uses Her stable of lifestyle slaves to assist Her in these tasks. Lexi Sindel started her Female Domination career in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA, while in Her early 20’s. Once She began conducting live sessions with slaves She quickly became one of the most in-demand Professional Dominatrices in the BDSM scene. While still living in Los Angeles Mistress Lexi started dabbling in video. She started filming with Her Dominatrix friends and personal slaves for fun, quickly realizing how much She enjoyed publicly dominating and humiliating male slaves on camera. Mistress Lexi collected video content for two years before launching the site MeanGirlsClub.com, the predecessor of FemdomEmpire.com, in 2005. In 2006 Mistress Lexi moved across the country to Washington D.C., where She opened Her own dungeon and took in Her first live-in 24/7 slave. With Her own play space to flourish in, She continued to perform live sessions and produce content for MeanGirlsClub.com as well as appear in Femdom videos for several other prominent video companies. Mistress Lexi also enlisted the talents of fellow Dominas and fetish models to appear alongside Her in video as Her video business kept growing. As Mistress Lexi grew into a more mature Dominatrix She began to outgrow the limited scope of MeanGirlsClub.com. Accordingly, She decided to launch a new site incorporating all aspects of Female Domination. Thus, the FemdomEmpire.com was conceived. This switch required cataloging and reformatting 7 years worth of video content, much of it into HD format, but with the help of slave labor She was able to formally launch FemdomEmpire.com in December of 2011. Mistress Lexi Sindel has since relocated back to Los Angeles where She holds court at the Femdom Empire. She keeps a personal slave stable to assist Her in the daily running of her operation. Mistress Lexi continues to inspire and educate the next generation of Female Dominas in the art of owning and controlling sissified men.

Luci May Cocksucking Tutorial

Video Previews

British Milf CD Luci May and her pretty young sissy slut work a man’s big cock in “Cock Sucking Tutorial” and the trainee starts first. As an experienced cock sucker myself, I took not of the way the sissy seemed more interested in looking cute that really pleasing that nice uncut organ. She tentatively licks and sucks the head and first few inches of the shaft. She touches the man’s balls, but doesn’t really take the time to tea bag them to get him all worked up. Just because a dick is hard doesn’t mean it’s going to shoot off into your mouth or on your face. Luci May holds the guy’s prick for the latex clad sissy until she realizes it’s time to take over. Her cock sucking is more aggressive, the way it’s supposed to be. She hands the cock over to the sissy every now an then to see if she learned anything. Then they both give that lovely pecker some loving. When the sissy gets that hunk of meat all to herself again, she seems to be learning. She allows the stud to hold her head in place and he thrusts his dick in and out of her mouth this time around. She even holds his ass cheeks and fists the throbbing shaft. Luci seems pleased, but she wants more of that prick and her lesson continues. If I were Luci May, I would have punished the sissy for allowing the man to jerk himself off. He shouldn’t have to do that with the slut’s mouth right in front of him! She may have been forced to suck it again with some big Mistress dick pumping in and out of her other end in a spitroast! But by the end, I see why Luci May wasn’t too hard on her. The sissy dutifully kept her mouth open to swallow the man’s seed and even sucked more that erupted from his swollen cock head. I’d say that this cock sucking tutorial turned out quite well in the final analysis.

My Sissy Boyfriend Veronica

Mistress Teonna has Sissy Veronica well-dressed, well-trained and well-fucked!


I don’t care about the fact that Sissy Veronica’s wig doesn’t fit or that her legs aren’t clean shaven. All I care about is that pretty face, puny, hard sissy clit that I can torment and deny orgasm, those chewable and tight pink nipples, and that tight, fuckable ass of hers. Little Ronnie doesn’t even need breast forms to look alluring and adorable. That tiny waist that flares out to her plump bottom is enough to do the trick! I can practically hear her squealing and moaning as I fuck her with my stiff real cock right now! Mistress Teonna also knows what sort of treatment her fairy boyfriend needs. She makes her idolize her strap-on and show that she knows how she’s suck a real cock to completion. The degraded sissy takes it from behind eventually and on top, thrusting her cute ass against the hard thrusts of that rigid faux cock! I’d do what the beautiful Domme does with the full-length mirror, to have the sissy standing in front of it wishing she were a real girl! Then I fuck her and make her the woman I know she longs to be. I’d definitely make pretty Veronica My Sissy Boyfriend!

StraponScreen.com – Barbara Fucks Austin


Austin looks like such a sweet sissy in his little white tank top and matching skinny jeans, sucking on his girlfriend’s strap-on cock. He’s so lucky to have a woman who understands his feminine desires. He’s not embarrassed about showing Barbara his sexy jock with his bare legs up in the air. This type of sex we see on Strapon Screen makes Barbara as wet as it makes Austin’s pussy stick hard!  


His cute ass is up too and ready for a powerful finger banging from his deceptively strong girlfriend. Austin moans his pleasure as she runs the fabric of his girlish jock strap across his shaven balls. His cock is straining for release. Then the moment of truth comes when she straddles him and rails his tight, virginal ass! This is one of those Strapon Screen movies I wished I could jump right into. I see myself fucking Austin, too! I’d love playing with his beautiful girlfriend, making Austin my cuckold as I fuck her silly. I’d make his lick my cock clean and whatever’s left inside her pretty pink pussy.

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Chanel Santini on Shemale.XXX




The name Chanel Santini is synonymous with “It Girl” in the trans porn world and she has seven photo and video sets on Shemale.XXX! You may have noticed a shift in breast augmentation on shemale websites over the years. Many of these beautiful hung models are opting out of bad boob jobs. There are some great ones still, albeit very expensive. At other times, you could jam your face between some sets of tits and still breath easily. So for many of us, flat is better than that! One of your Chanel Santini favorites might be the hardcore scene with hung all-American stud Danny. But you can enjoy the other six scenes of this slender cum-shooting Texas native who is now living in Las Vegas. At first we knew her as a straight girl who did solo and boy/girl porn. In a surprise move, she thrilled us with a surprise transbian set on TGirls.Porn! Chanel became totally verse with her own website as a contract girl with TransErotica where you can stream or download her in action with cis female star Jasmeen Lefluer and another TransErotica trans girl star named Alexa Scout! You can see her sizzling hot solo performances too and they’re 100% exclusive. “Beautiful Chanel Santini Strokes Her Hard Cock!” is available in a trailer on the Shemale.XXX landing page.

Ladyboy Kim – Bareback for Blonde Teen

Video Gallery

The Westerner’s cock is raging hard when tiny Kim enters the bedroom with her dick jiggling beneath the hem of her skirt on Ladyboy Vice. She hops on the bed, takes the big man’s thick, uncut cock into her small hand and gives it a few firm pumps. Kim wastes no time taking that big tool inside her mouth. Her hand can just barely encircle the shaft! About 3 minutes into the scene, Kim’s lovely little body is face down on the bed and her bare ass is up. The man slowly guides his bare cock inside her. I don’t know how many cameras the stud is running but he catches his pounding in various angles including POV. Although dwarfed by the man’s size, tiny Kim never seems to have trouble taking her tremendous railing! The both fire big cumshots almost at the same time. Her flat chest is bared as she lays on her back, jerking off while she gets fucked. Her big cumshot is filmed in slow motion and regular speed. The man shoots his load shortly after with the same sort of footage. His cumshot reaches all the way up to Kim’s neck! Then she gets up and towels herself off with just her cute little knee socks on and heads off to the shower. Ladyboy Vice is part of the Ladyboy Gold network. Visit Ladyboy Tube for more previews.

TGirls Aloud! Free Online Community

TGirls Aloud! is free online community just for TGirls, Crossdressers and Admirers looking for fun, romance and friendship. You can browse member profiles with an advanced location search, chat over email or instant messaging, enter the chat rooms, view member videos and pictures, post in our forums and more! This site is completely FREE to join with most features enabled, you can upgrade anytime to unlock everything and this will go towards running costs and help constantly improve TGirls Aloud! There are currently over 3,000 members as of today! Browse them worldwide and make some new friends and admirers.