Forced Crossdresser Fantasies site review

forced feminization art and storiesfeminization stories and artsissie slut training drawings
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Forced Crossdresser Fantasies


Forced Crossdresser Fantasies Is a wonderful site filled with over 1600 sissy feminization art Images and tons of great humiliation and forced crossdressing stories. They have weekly updates for fresh forced feminization and humiliation art and drawings. Once you become a member you can even request your very own forced feminization picture! This is a fantastic place for very hard to find forced sissification, feminization, sissyboy training and forced crossdressing art and drawings, as well as many crossdresser stories.


Once you pass the warning page and enter, you land on a very colorful page with some sample feminization art work. It has a list of the latest updates, a brief description of what the site is about, a tour link and the members link. Once you log in you land on the main page. This page acts like the central menu, with a long set of tabs you click to get to the different parts of the site. Each time you want to go to a different section you come back to this page.

There are around 16 different sections to the site, all a little different. At the top is a big list of the latest updates and what’s going to be added, latest news and so on. There are too many sections to go into detail about each one. Sufficient to say that each one takes you to a unique area, of which I explain more below.


Forced Crossdresser Fantasies has many different types of forced feminization art, drawings and stories. Some sections have vintage, old fashion types of feminization art. Others are modern forced crossdresser drawings. There is a section of great cuckold husbands drawings and stories. One section is even in the form of sissification comic strips. All are colorful and detailed.

There also are many very long humiliation, forced feminization story lines with pictures. Some are broken up into sections so you can come back and read more. Others have new chapters added for a continuing forced crossdresser story. The feminization stories can be quite detailed and are much fun to read. Also the drawings that go with them are very interesting and fun.

The types of abuse these poor sissies go through takes in a wide variety. You can find their cocks in many different painful restraints, bondage in many forms, spankings, whipping, forced strap-on sex, nipple clamps and so on. They also get forced to suck cocks and take dicks up their tight asses. All while dressed in their frilly panties, corsets, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, dresses and so many other fetish lingerie clothing.

Sissie humiliation is also a very big theme of this site. Many drawings show women force crossdressing their husbands fully, then taking them out in public, letting men manhandle them, getting laughed at from other women, having to walk down the street dressed as a sissie and so much more. There is just so many different types of crossdresser sissification, feminization, cuckold and humiliation art, drawings and stories you have to see it to fully appreciate it.

To round it out you also get illustrated stories, poster galleries, an updates calendar to keep track of everything, long stories in the library and the owners own blog. For members help you get a members request page, feedback section, fun things to do section, member question and answer section, a nice forum with many topics and finally an about me page to find out more about the artist and writer.

For all this it only cost $12.95 for 30 days, then only $8.95 recurring every 30 days. You can pay by credit card, bank card or phone.

With over 1600 forced crossdresser and feminization art and drawings, weekly updates, continuing story lines, hundreds of short and very long stories, all with content you can’t find anywhere else this is a fantastic site! The stories and drawings will keep you busy for a very long time. The forced feminization, sissie training, cuckold abuse, sissification and crossdressing humiliation art, drawings and stories are sure to please anyone who is interested in crossdressing, sissyboy, TV’s, mistresses, TS and admirers. I’m going to rate this site a solid
5 out of 5 panty rating!


forced feminization art and storiesfeminization stories and artsissie slut training drawings