All about adult webcam sites and how they work!

how adult webcam sites work

Hope your all having a great Sunday. Maybe a few of you partied too much last night huh? Well today I want to tell you all about how adult webcam sites work. You may notice that the webcam page is no longer in the top menu bar. That’s because the cam site was a rip off, so I took it down until I can find a better webcam host.

The problem is, most webcam sites are rip offs! Some give you your moneys worth, but a lot don’t. Let me briefly explain how cam sites work. Why would anyone open a web cam site? Only one reason, to make money!!! Not because they saw this hot thing and want to share it with you, not because they found this really cool place you can join for free and want to share.

Bull bull bull! Webcam sites are in biz to make money, nothing more. Now, that’s how most things work, and there is nothing wrong with them making money as long as you get what you want out of it. So what do they offer? Hot live sex, that’s what. Cam places recruit women, men and shemales, whatever you want, to perform live on cams.

Some places have a big place that has lots of little rooms in it. The performers go in there, face the camera and try to get you interested. Others let the performers set up cams in their own homes so they can perform right in their own bedrooms. They can work anytime they want. So how does everyone get paid, how do they make money?

Well, every cam place has it’s own little ways of doing things, some having lots of different ways to make money. But for the most part when a customer pays to watch a girl, or guy, or tranny, that girl gets a percentage of the minute charge the customer is paying. The performer gets to just do the show part, the company runs all the charges, network and all that.

So just when does a customer get charged? THAT’S where the rip-offs start. In practice, what is suppose to happen is the customer can get little free chat times. He can pick a performer, go on and see her/him sitting there, say hi and all that. That part is free. It’s up to the performer to tease and seduce the customer to want to see her/him do a live sex show. As long as your just talking to her, she makes nothing.

So lets say a customer talks to a girl, gets interested and really wants to see her having sex. They then go into a “private” room. That just means the customer clicks something that makes her be seen only to him, and she does the same. At that time the customer starts to get charged by the minute. It’s up to the performer to do a great show, and take as long as they can, to keep the customer happy and watching.

Remember the customer is getting charged by the minute. So the performer tries to make it last as long as they can. They also want to do a good show in hopes that the customer will come back over and over, making them lots of money, see? So what will the performers do? Well it’s all up to each one, they all decide how far they will go.

Most will strip, show you everything, use toys on themselves and have an orgasm. Some are couples and they do real hardcore sex for you. Some are fetish performers doing whatever fetish thing the customer wants. It’s up to the customer to pick the right one that does what they want to see. So you can get a really good show out of it.

So, up to now no one is getting ripped off. Your paying to see live sex. You know your getting charged so much a minute, as they tell you that when you sign up. You get to pick whoever you want, and tell them to do anything. They perform for you and show you just what you want to see. You can end the session anytime by clicking off.

So as long as you can afford it, it’s worth it. The problem comes when you sign up. I’m sure you’ve all seen those “sign up now FREE and see hot babes having sex just for you”! Well, half of that is right. Most want you to sign up, or register, for free. That way you can chat a little to the performers and then hopefully you will pay to see a live sex show.

But most people who sign up never buy a show. So, a lot get sneaky. They ask when you sign up to give your credit card number. Why? They say it’s for age verification purposes so that they know your over 18. That is so much bull! Any 10 year old can grab moms card out of the drawer and use it. Many teens have their own credit cards.

No, the reason they ask is so they can then try to sneak charges on your card. How? Well, each one has different ways. Some have a small box that is checked as your signing up. If you don’t read the fine print and uncheck it, you have just agreed to get charged an amount each month for a “VIP” package. Others say there is a small one time fee of 1 to 5 bucks. But again, the fine print says that after a day or two if you don’t cancel, you will then be charged 20 or 30 bucks a month.

There’s lots of different versions of that. So, why am I telling you this? After all, I did have a web cam page, and I try to sell porn on here. Simple. There ARE honest cam places out there. There is nothing wrong with buying to see a hot live sex show. In fact that’s one of the best types of porn there is, to pick out just who you want to see and tell them what to do.

I am in the process of picking out a good, honest webcam host that I can feel good about having in my site. I don’t need to piss you off, then have you join my forum and bitch me out because of a raw deal you got on the cam site I push. So I will let you all know when I find a good webcam company and announce it on here.

Then when I get a webcam page back up, you can feel safe that you can go sign up and chat a bit with the performers, knowing you will ONLY be charged when you pay for a live show. I hope this was an eye opening post for you, and gives you something to think about the next time you get offered to see a live sex show for “free”!!