Crossdresser Archie cartoons!

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I bet you’ve never seen the whole Archie gang looking like this huh! I always wanted to know what Veronica’s and Betty’s boobs looked like, now I know, hot! You may not know this, but I have a page in my crossdresser picture gallery section filled with wonderful crossdresser cartoons of your favorite toons like bugs bunny, Daffy Duck, Chip n Dale and many more.

They are made by a very talented crossdresser who loves making forced feminization toons of famous cartoon characters. She wants to remain unnamed, so all I can say is she has a yahoo page where she goes by the name of Bathgate21.

The toon above is her latest work, and I would say the best yet! Heck all her work is fantastic, and I’m sure you will agree. So go check out the full sized picture above and all the rest of her great crossdresser cartoon work at my crossdresser sissy boy cartoons page!