Crossdresser breast

Crossdresser breast? Well, you made it through Monday, the worst is over! My day was not too bad, I sold a vinyl cutting machine I bought a year ago. Now I can keep making my little site here without getting a second job.

Today I would like to start a 3 part discussion about,,,, boobs! I’m sure we all love to talk about that. But specifically I am talking about the types of boobs crossdressers make, get and buy to make themselves look like they have some nice melons!

Since there are so many types and ways to enhance your cleavage I will break this up into 3 parts. Basically we have the “pack em with whatever ya got” route, the more advanced foam forms and strap on types, and finally the cream of the boobies, the lifelike silicone forms.

Today I will discuss the first method. Some of you, the casual crossdresser perhaps, or whatever reason, don’t care to go overboard on the breast. Fine, but if your just going to stuff it, you really need to get a good bra.

Get one with an underwire so it will have some shape to it, make sure it is a full form, that is it has a full cup, not those types that are open at the top. As to what size and cup, men really can just go by their chest size just like women, a 44C means 44 inches around your chest.

As to the cup size, well,,, if your a small, thin type go with a B. Anyone over that a C is fine for most. If your a big gal or want to draw attention to yourself go with a D on up. My friend Kelly takes a 38C, which is perfect for me. Not that I ever wear hers, of course! I tried to ask her to show them to me just so I could tell if I wanted mine that big, but no dice!

I prefer the ones you can take the straps off, most of them you can. I hate wearing the straps, I find you don’t need them. Ok, so you have your full fitted bra now you just need the stuffing. DO NOT use newspaper! No no no, it will leave ink on your chest, make you itch like hell and make your crossdresser breast look bumpy.

The old standby, tissue paper, is ok, but you need a LOT of it, and over time it flattens out. Balls of cotton work great, they make a nice round form and are lite. Buy a big bag at a craft store. I have tried using the ol water balloons. They warm to your skin, and make a nice round form, with some nice jiggle to boot, weeee!

But, the weight drags down your bra if you go strapless, which I do. No one wants droopy crossdresser breast, and fake ones at that! I have heard of many other ways, bird seed in a bag, bubble wrap (POP), and using rolled up socks. Actually I find socks work well with a top layer of tissue paper to smooth out the surface.

So there you have it, the fast, cheap version of getting instant crossdresser breast. Next Monday I will discuss the next level up in breast shape, the foam and strap on forms. Whatever you do, leave your wife’s bra alone, get your own! Now I have to get Kelly’s laundry in 🙂


  1. Ashley Dixon says:

    I am a young crossdresser on the eastern side of america and was just trying to see if this other way I will be talking about can be done. I heard that you could use suction to make your boobs grow and it last for awhile but It take time to do. I’m not sure on how this is done but if you look around and post about it. It’s would be helpful, because I would rather suffer through the time and have my own breasts that touch the bra than having something covering me.