Date a crossdresser?

date a crossdresser

So what’s going on everyone? The forum sure is slow, but I know it takes a while to get it going. If you have the time please join up and say hi in the forum! Anyways today I thought I’d make a post about dating crossdressers.

Now there can be very many reasons a person wants to date a crossdresser, or a shemale / ladyboy. A lot of crossdressers just want to meet someone who shares the same interest in crossdressing as themselves. Only a crossdresser can relate to the troubles of finding the right makeup, wig care or shaving tips!

So many just want someone to talk to, maybe go out on the town with and so on. A friend, not a lover. Then there are others who are bisexual, bi-curious or gay and really want to date another crossdresser. Finding a fellow crossdresser really adds to the excitement and sexual high from being with another CD.

Of course some are into being dominated, they want to be someone’s little girl, getting spanked and abused,, weeeee! Then we have the ones that like being the dominator, and are looking for someone who wants to be their slave boy, or girl.

There also are plenty of straight crossdressers looking for women who want to dominate them, so they can be a sissy boy, or maybe get some forced feminization stuff. They really love females and want to feel all girly and forced to be a little girl.

Next we have the crossdressers who want to date a shemale, tranny or ladyboy. They are all the same, a transsexual. But they can look and act in lots of different ways. Some are big babes with huge perky tits and a big cock they can get hard.

Others, like an Asian ladyboy, are very petite, feminine with small tits and cocks that often can’t get hard. The reasons for wanting to date one are many, from just being curious about them, to really having a thing for them. Hey, whatever turns you on!

So as you can see there are many different reasons why crossdressers want to date other crossdressers. There are some big community sites out there that have lots of members, and lots of dating sites.

A lot of the dating sites don’t really have much, and share the same database of members. The one in the picture above is a good one, with real members. You can also check out the dating page I have on here that has that same dating service but has more categories.

Also on the dating page is people in your area for Fling! dating service. It shows just hot babes, but if you go to it you can select from trannies, shemales and others. SO if your a crossdresser wanting to find a date, check it out and see what you can find.

Or join my forum, that’s a great way to meet new people and find out about them. There are always more crossdressers around then you think. So if you want to date a crossdresser, good luck and wear your sexy pink dress on that first date! 😉