Different types of crossdressers

Hows everyone doing today? The crossdresser forum is picking up a bit, got almost 10 members and it’s only been live a few days. I’d love it if you go and join, it can be lots of fun! I’m still working on a few bugs in it, new software is such a pain!

One think I’ve noticed is how many different types of crossdressers there are. I mean, we all share the love of crossdressing, but yet we do it in many different ways, and for many different reasons. Let’s take the married guy with kids.

He’s straight, has not told his wife or kids. He dresses up during that hour or so when he can be alone, maybe just putting on some pantyhose, panties and a dress. No makeup, wig or anything. He does it just to relax and feel nice. That’s the real basic type of crossdresser.

Then we have the crossdresser that maybe is married or has a girlfriend. She knows about it, even gets turned on by it. He dresses up a bit more, does the bra, panties, high heels, maybe a little makeup, shaves a bit more area. They use the crossdressing in their sexual activities, a bit of role playing.

Then we have the crossdresser that is single, married or has a girlfriend or partner. He may be bisexual, straight or gay. He is really into it, shaving most if not all of his body. He puts on full makeup, dresses up in everything, wears silicone boobs, takes a lot of time looking just right.

This type may go out in public, may use his crossdressing in sex, maybe even in a group or swinger type of play. This type is more open to having fun, getting anal penetrated, feeling really feminine and like a girl. He loves the feeling of all those silky, smooth fabrics on his shaved skin!

From there the crossdressing stuff can get very diversified and wild! Some have a fetish about types of clothes, like pantyhose, corsets, latex and stuff like that. Some are into bondage, wanting to be dressed all pretty and then tied up and fucked up the ass.

Some are into the forced feminization, where their girlfriend or wife “forces” them to dress up, having to do what they tell them, getting a good strapon up the ass maybe. Some go out in publix a lot, getting a turn on from people seeing them dressed as a sexy woman.

Some crossdressers want to do it all just with their girlfriend, while others dream of getting a gang bang with 5 guys! Heck some even put on fake vagina’s, full female suits, everything! And then we all have our different taste in clothing.

So as you can see, crossdressers cover a very wide range of types. Everybody has their own level of crossdressing that they do or don’t want to cross. Nothing is the “right” or “wrong” way to crossdress. If you like slipping on some panties to work and that’s it, great.

If you want to dress up to the nine’s with silicone boobs, wig, full makeup and go out on a hot date , more power to you! We all share one thing in common, we crossdress. Do it at the level you want, have fun, and tell me about it in my forum!! 😉