Forced feminization, sissy maid slave eBook stories!

Forced feminization sissy stories eBook!
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Hi girls! I have a new kinky sissy story eBook out and wanted to share it with you all. This one is called Forced feminization, sissy maid slave and it’s one long and kinky story about a sissified husband.

Basically it’s the story of Chuck who gets pushed into a husband auction for charity event each year by his sexy wife. But this year his wife’s hot girlfriend Donna bids and wins him, and he has a funny feeling about that!

He feels even more funny when his wife tells him she is going with him to Donna’s house on the big chore day. Anyways on the day he is to do whatever work Donna has for him they both arrive at the house to see Donna and her husband Jack outside.

They all go inside where Donna leads Chuck to the bedroom and his outfit for the day; a cute maid outfit with stockings, silk thong, high heels and full makeup and wig! Poor Chuck starts doing the housework as the others watch and talk between themselves.

Things really get kinky as they then tell Chuck to follow them into the bedroom where the two women and Jack have more erotic surprises for this sissy slave. This will be one day and night this sissy gets all her virgin holes probed and fucked!

It’s a really erotic and kinky sissy story that you will love I’m sure. So click on the link and check it out, along with the other sissy stories I have at Amazon’s kindle store.

You don’t have to have a kindle to read it. You can download their free app to view eBooks right on your Mac or PC, or even your tablet and other devices. So go and get it now and let me know what you think! 🙂

Click here to read more and see other kinky sissy stories now!