Full body crossdresser female suit!

Full body female skin for crossdressers

Wow, just when I think I’ve seen it all, along comes something that blows me away! Now, we all know about silicone breast forms for crossdressers, and most know about female mask and even fake silicone vagina’s. But this place has come up with a whole body silicone suit, complete with hand painted pussy!

The company is called Femskin, and they are based in Florida. In the picture above is a female impersonator wearing a full body female suit. It has a darker tone to it, they make them whatever shade you want. They make them completely seamless for a very realistic look.

They even sell breast forms that go inside the suit for an even more lifelike look and feel. The rubber-like silicone is very stretchy and molds to your form. You can make them two piece, one top and one bottom piece. Or one full piece with a opening in the back.

crossdresser female body suit

The pussy part is airbrushed for a very real look. However it is not usable, there is no opening in it, sorry! It does come with options, including an anus tube, which is a hollow part that slides up your ass so someone can fuck you up the ass while your wearing the suit!

You also can buy the optional breast forms to put inside the suit, and even hip and butt pads that stick to your body to fill out the female suit so you have all the right curves. My they have thought of everything! So how much do these sweet crossdresser female suits cost?

Well, you might want to save up a bit. The basic suit cost $1,550.00. If you get a lot of the extra options it can add up to over $2,600.00. But hey, what’s money when you can have a custom made full body crossdresser female suit!

They even have other stuff they are working on, all using that great rubber silicone stuff. If you want to find out more about it all, go to Femskin. I’m not sure I’m going to rush out and buy one, but they sure look neat. If you get one tell us how it feels!

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  1. hi there
    if i bay a body suit,can some boy fuck me whith it?
    sorry for my english,is too bad