Happy crossdresser New Year’s everyone!

new years crossdresser holidays

Well all you crossdresser gals, another year has gone, this one with a big thud! It started out good, then everything kind of crumbled into itself and it still has not stopped. But, there is always a bottom, and things always change. So I think the year 2009 will be better. Not until the middle or end of it, but it will get better!

Myself, I have had a lot of changes too. This is the first year for me that I am finally working from home on the web. It’s been a dream come true for me, and I’ve worked my firm cute ass off getting here! Each month gets better as I learn more and get more traffic to my sites. I actually have around 10 websites.

So even though this is a bad year for many, it’s been a good year for me. Granted I am barely making ends meet. I’m at that point where I just can pay my bills as I keep working to get my websites more successful. I have big plans for this site, I’m going to keep building it up. I just added a stories section you can see in the top menu.

I just need more writers to write stories! But everything will get there after a while. I hope all my readers are doing well, or as well as can be expected this year. Take time out to buy new panties and get those 5 inch heels you always wanted! Have a safe and sound New Year’s everyone, from your Betty!! 😉