how to buy crossdresser high heels

high heels for crossdressers

Helloooooo girls!! How is everything going today, umm? Good I hope, not angry at the boss, even if he is growing pointy haired huh! Well today I thought I’d dive into the whole high heels and crossdressers thing. Nothing makes more of a sexy, feminine, come-hither look than a girl in high heels. In fact it can be downright hard to look sexy without wearing some type of heel.

However, as natural women learn in their teens when they start trying to look good to boys, heels where made by the anti-Christ! You see after Eve ate that apple God went to the devil and said “hey man, I got to teach that woman a lesson, your good at torturing souls, what would you do?” The devil said ” every time a woman tries to look sexy and full of herself, zap her with pain”. But God didn’t have time to go around zapping all those women, so he just made some shoes and convinced women they HAD to wear them to look sexy, then made them in a way that cause excruciating pain after 10 minutes of wearing them!

And that is how the high heels were born. Now, if you think it hurts for women to wear them, just add 80 lbs., 5 sizes bigger feet, and a foot more height and you have the crossdresser! Let me explain why anyone looks better in heels. By raising the heel, it throws your weight forward. That causes you to lean back slightly, straighting your back and throwing your hips back more. It also cause you to throw out your chest. So you now are thrusting your boobs out, while perking your butt out more, perfect!

Perfect that is, except for your feet. Because now your putting all your weight on the balls and toes of your feet. Also your stretching your calf in a way it’s not use to. Picture walking on your tiptoes and that’s about what your doing. So, how do us crossdressing girls get heels that don’t hurt? Why simple, we don’t! ALL heels hurt after a while, so what you do is just try to find the best fit. As we girls are already tall, well most of us, don’t get platform heels. That’s the type with a thick toe part. We want to be as close to the ground as we can in the front part.

Now the higher the heel, the sexier you look, in general. But also the more pain you get, and if your 6 ft. 2 in. already you don’t need to look any taller! Most heels in the 1 to 3 inches height are fine. Pumps are great, basic shoes with a small heel, but not very sexy, more like grandma, lol. I find open toe heels very sexy looking, and they can be easier on your toes if you have a wide foot.

Some heels have thicker heel parts than others. The thicker the toe of the heel the more stable it is, and more weight it can take. It’s very easy to break a heel if your a big girl, walking like you just won the campus booze-fest! Yes it takes practice to walk on heels, but you will learn. Try going down steep stairs sometime! I’m actually pretty good on them now, I can even drive with them on.

You MUST try on heels before buying! Most will not fit you right, they will be too damn narrow and you can’t get your feet in them. Figure 3 sizes larger than what you take in men’s for women’s sizes. As for how you try them on in a store, well that’s your problem honey! My first time I did the old, “look around fast, throw my shoe off, shove one on, ok it fits I’m outta here” way. If your in a small place, heck who cares. Don’t do it at Mac’s 4X4 and steel works shop!

So that’s about it. Try them on, use a non-platform sole, get a thick toe at the heel and don’t get the 5 inch type. They come in many colors, black, red and white ones will go with most anything. Who knew God’s curse to women would come back to us girls!!


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