Life like crossdresser vaginas

crossdresser vagina or v string

What’s up everyone! Since we crossdressers are always looking at ways to look more feminine, I figured I’d try to tackle everything you girls might want to know about. So, I wanted to talk about,,,, vagina’s! Not real ones, although I don’t mind talking about those too. No I am talking about the ones made for crossdressers.

Now I bet a lot of you don’t even know you can get those, but yes, those little darlings at the lab keep coming up with more ways to make us girly boys look like ,,,,,, girls! I’m going to break it into two different subjects, the garment made just to hide your package, and the actual life like vagina. Yes I will give you links to where you can find them and no, I don’t make a dime off them cause they don’t have an affiliate program!
crossdresser vagina

First, why would you want one? Well most guys don’t, only some transgenders and crossdressers, duh! Just like some want a very life like silicone breast that looks and feels real, some want a very life like vagina. I can’t think of anything that would make you feel more feminine than that. Well maybe one, but that takes two people!! So lets go find out all about these sweet T girl / crossdresser vagina’s.

Now the first is just a garment that holds your package up in that pocket directly above your man meat. Didn’t know there was one there? Well there is. Your big boy was all pushed up in a small space as you developed, expanding downward as you got older till you were born. That pocket is still there. They have a garment called a cache-sex pocket in one of the big transgender stores.

I suppose it’s called different names, but I’m going to use that one. It looks like a pair of underwear, but with a strap underneath you can adjust to hold your happy meal in place. Ok big mac for some! It has a built in pocket to help push things up and out of the way. If you do it right you can wear skimpy stuff and look like a woman. One place you can find them is an online store called Transformation based in the UK. That link will take you right to the garment.

Now on to the main event, how to get your very own vagina. Several places carry them, all of them transgender stores. There are a few differences in each one. Let me try to explain them without sounding like a total slut! Most are made of very stretchy latex, with or without hair on them. They are hand made, some with real hair that you can choose what color hair you want. Now, some are like a full brief, you slip into them and they cover your whole ass, sides and front. Sort of like a tight bikers short.

Some are shaped like a bikini, they cover your front and tie in the back or on your hips just like a bikini swimsuit. Some have straps. They are made flesh colored, but of course your never going to get it to match your own skin. Most of them have a molded or built in look of the lips and clit. Some are even open in front so you can go to the bathroom sitting down, oh boy! They go by several different names; replica vagina, V strings and cache-sex.

As to where you find them, again you can get them at Transformation, that link goes right to the different styles. Also Fantasygirl carries a bunch of different ones. Check them each out, I have no idea what the quality is, or how long they will last. No, I don’t own a pair, it seems a little too far for me, but we are all different. Prices are around $97.00 up to $190.00; at that price they better last a while, and go fetch my Sunday paper!

I’m sure other places have them, you’ll have to look around. So if you think you would feel better having one, go get one and let me know how they work. Do they fit good, are they comfortable, do they do what they are suppose to do? I’d really like to know. Just control your excitement if you have roommates. You will have some explaining to do if you rush inside with your package yelling “my vagina is here”!!