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What’s going on everyone! Are you getting tired of that Christmas music already? This is one of those times I’m happy that I’m 90% deaf, that can be a good thing sometimes! I wanted to let my regular readers, all 2 or so of them, know about something new I just made. I redid the picture gallery so that you have more crossdresser and transvestite porn gallery pictures and movies to see!

So now you not only have the other sections in the picture gallery page, but below those are a whole bunch of mixed crossdresser, sissy, transvestite, shemale and ladyboy galleries! Clicking on each picture takes you to the full gallery that picture was taken from so you can see all the hot porn details, neat huh!

I will TRY to update that page with new galleries each week, making it bigger and bigger. I know, I keep saying that about the other sections and never get around to it. But I try, and I added this right, so bare with me. It will be a big mix of different types of crossdresser, transvestite and shemale porn galleries. Right now there are 15 new ones, so go check it out!

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