New sissy school audio section open!

Amanda teen sissy tease

Well everyone, once again I have a brand new section here at Crossdresser Playground! Now it’s going to go through some changes, but for right now it looks okay. I named this new section the sissy school! So just what the hell is it all about? Well down the road there will be many things it it. For now it is being kicked off by my sweet naughty teen friend, Miss Amanda!

Miss Amanda is a teasing, naughty little teen that looks hot and loves to tease you sissyboys and get you in trouble. She makes super hot audio stories that will get your little panties wet in no time! She already has some sexy stories in the story section, and now she will be the top sissy tease in the sissy school.

She has a large variety of lesbian sissy sex stories and teases, along with others. From making her sissies go panty shopping to making them go down and lick her hot pussy, she has all kinds of naughty audio stories for you. Her voice just drips with sexual excitement as she makes you sissies do nasty things to please her.

I will add many more free audio samples to the few I have there right now, plus many more to buy in full length. There also will be more hot teen teasing girls joining Miss Amanda down the road. But for right now check it out and hear Miss Amanda’s free sample audio stories and visit her new site where she has many more to choose from. Just click on sissy school in the top menu, or

Click here for the sissy school with Miss Amanda!


  1. Wow, those audio clips are hot! Miss Amanda is such a sexy little tease, I’d be her crossdressing little toy any day of the week. I hope this new section rocks for the both of you!

  2. Thanks, Eryka, baby! I love to know that I make panties wet wherever I go. Boys and cocks are a breeze to please, but it’s the hot, little girls I get a thrill out of playing with.

    And I’m not sure if the section is going to be doing the rocking. I kind of think that Betty might need a visit from my favorite strap-on after this beautiful write-up. If you can think of any other girls who’ve been nice enough to earn a make-out session with my big, purple dildo, please let me know.

    Oh, and Eryka? I fully expect your name to be at the very top of that list you’ll be providing me. Just wanted to be crystal clear, baby. Thanks for sweet comments!