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The name Chanel Santini is synonymous with “It Girl” in the trans porn world and she has seven photo and video sets on Shemale.XXX! You may have noticed a shift in breast augmentation on shemale websites over the years. Many of these beautiful hung models are opting out of bad boob jobs. There are some great ones still, albeit very expensive. At other times, you could jam your face between some sets of tits and still breath easily. So for many of us, flat is better than that! One of your Chanel Santini favorites might be the hardcore scene with hung all-American stud Danny. But you can enjoy the other six scenes of this slender cum-shooting Texas native who is now living in Las Vegas. At first we knew her as a straight girl who did solo and boy/girl porn. In a surprise move, she thrilled us with a surprise transbian set on TGirls.Porn! Chanel became totally verse with her own website as a contract girl with TransErotica where you can stream or download her in action with cis female star Jasmeen Lefluer and another TransErotica trans girl star named Alexa Scout! You can see her sizzling hot solo performances too and they’re 100% exclusive. “Beautiful Chanel Santini Strokes Her Hard Cock!” is available in a trailer on the Shemale.XXX landing page.

Ladyboy Kim – Bareback for Blonde Teen

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The Westerner’s cock is raging hard when tiny Kim enters the bedroom with her dick jiggling beneath the hem of her skirt on Ladyboy Vice. She hops on the bed, takes the big man’s thick, uncut cock into her small hand and gives it a few firm pumps. Kim wastes no time taking that big tool inside her mouth. Her hand can just barely encircle the shaft! About 3 minutes into the scene, Kim’s lovely little body is face down on the bed and her bare ass is up. The man slowly guides his bare cock inside her. I don’t know how many cameras the stud is running but he catches his pounding in various angles including POV. Although dwarfed by the man’s size, tiny Kim never seems to have trouble taking her tremendous railing! The both fire big cumshots almost at the same time. Her flat chest is bared as she lays on her back, jerking off while she gets fucked. Her big cumshot is filmed in slow motion and regular speed. The man shoots his load shortly after with the same sort of footage. His cumshot reaches all the way up to Kim’s neck! Then she gets up and towels herself off with just her cute little knee socks on and heads off to the shower. Ladyboy Vice is part of the Ladyboy Gold network. Visit Ladyboy Tube for more previews.

TGirls Aloud! Free Online Community

TGirls Aloud! is free online community just for TGirls, Crossdressers and Admirers looking for fun, romance and friendship. You can browse member profiles with an advanced location search, chat over email or instant messaging, enter the chat rooms, view member videos and pictures, post in our forums and more! This site is completely FREE to join with most features enabled, you can upgrade anytime to unlock everything and this will go towards running costs and help constantly improve TGirls Aloud! There are currently over 3,000 members as of today! Browse them worldwide and make some new friends and admirers.

Dickgirl Gym


Dickgirls need a strict workout to stay in perfect shape. The Dickgirl Gym provides all needed equipment and dedicated personal trainer. This is just in time for Olympic season when all those horny dickgirls are training hard for the upcoming Rio de Janeiro competitions. They’re all pretty, they’re diverse and hung, with strong transbian tendencies and they lust for cock. I recognize some of the same dickgirls from the original Dickgirl School and the Dickgirl Maid Training program where they learn how to become obedient, dutiful sissies. Their Mistresses are hung too and this is where they learn to serve, suck huge cock and they lose their cherries here as well. If there’s not a Dickgirl Gym near you, you might want to consider joining this one. You’ll also learn more about the school to educate horny dickgirls and about the public bondage they must endure.

Chloe Rose and The Canada TGirl Multisite





The relaunch of Canada-TGirl and Asian American TGirls is part of its new MULTISITE, combining FIVE websites with UK TGirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival site of Hazel Tucker joining the lineup. Grooby said, “The decision to combine the Canada TGirl and UK TGirls site was based on both sites having a solid number of devoted members, but neither site having enough to maintain a solid budget and get enough new girls in. Adding one of my pet-project sites, Asian American Tgirls which also suffered the same problem, just should provide extra content to the members and if we can get enough budget to continue shooting for all those sites, then we’d be happy. Shemale Pornstar updates regularly with hardcore content from all the Grooby websites and has many amazing scenes of one of Grooby’s best ever models.” Canada TGirl, UK-TGirls and Asian American TGirls will get updated regular with at least three sets per week amongst them. Shemale Pornstar updates with one or two sets a week alternating.

See more previews of the new MULTISITE through the gateway of Canada-TGirl!  

The English Mansion – Ely’s Special Girl Jessica Dee

It seems like just yesterday when Jessica Dee was dominated by Governess Ely at The English Mansion. This is not a new set featuring the legendary Domme and the gorgeous submissive crossdresser who keeps an only diary of her escapades at Jessica began documenting her naughty discoveries in February of 2012. She’s gone on to interview some of the most high-profile and celebrated Mistresses worldwide. Some of us who know Jessica well can hardly believe how much she’s learned about the world of BDSM and love that she’s still the same sweet subbie we always knew. It all started when the UK beauty began dressing up for nights out of the town and connecting with like-minded kinksters on social media websites. Another one of Jessica’s most celebrated performances was in the four part Pretty Maid Mansion series. Pretty Maid Manor is an exclusive establishment within The English Mansion where ‘special girls’ are transformed, fully-feminised and trained as Ladies’ maids. With three maids now trained up to the exacting house standards, the Mistresses decide to advertise for a new crossdressing slave to add to their household. Once the work of the day is over and a new initiate has been taken on, the Ladies decide to enjoy the afternoon. Maid Jess, however, is in big trouble and is taken to the kitchen by Miss Kelly and Governess Ely. They are shocked by the mess she has left while preparing the ladies food and decide to exact an immediate punishment. Maid Jess is a special project of Governess Ely who has been keeping her in longer and longer periods of enforced chastity. She keeps the key for this chastity device on an ankle chain and makes Jess worship her shoes every morning. This gives Jess a perfect up-close view of the key reminding her of the absolute control Ely has over her. Jessica Dee has cisgender and trans Mistresses anxious to dominate her all over the world with her pretty blue eyes, long, curvy legs, dainty feet and lovely, spankable bottom. Men from all over are dying to get the chance to be with her, too. But so far, only the ladies have had the great fortune of captivating her. See more of one of the world’s most famous and hot crossdressers, Jessica Dee on The English Mansion.

Luna on Shemale Strokers

Lovely and leggy Luna loves bondage, especially being tied down and choked with a ball gag. She gets so horny telling you about the first time she hooked up with a guy that she starts rubbing the huge dick peeking out from underneath her black panties. Soon, you are kneeling before her and gazing up at her massive cock and balls. Do you like what you see? What would you do if you were there? Submissive Luna now has her arms restrained by a spreader bar, and she wants you to do the choking! As you lick and suck her engorged member, she moans with delight. Finally, she frees herself from the collar and spreader, and completely strips out of her pink negligee. Luna lies back and strokes her trans girl love stick, until she shoots out a giant load of white, gooey cum all over her stomach. “Submissive Trans Girl Needs You To Spread Her” features 20 year old Seattle, Washington model Luna whose transition began only 6 months before this Shemale Strokers update. Luna discovered crossdressing when she found an oversized t-shirt and fashioned into a dress. It was the first time she actually felt good about herself. Today, her favorite kink is being choked while getting fucked! Luna loves giving head while tied down. She also loves swallowing and getting shot with cum. Luna loved her first time sexual experience in which she got to suck cock, was rimmed and got fucked, even though it hurt at first. Being jerked off helped to transform the pain into sheer pleasure. Just recalling that experience gets Luna excited all over again! Her cock falls out of her panties while she rubs her bulge in this Shemale Strokers debut video. It’s a good thing for some people that Luna is a total bottom because her cock is absolutely huge when fully erect! But you see it flaccid at first, resting above a low-slung set of smoothly shaven balls. Luna’s low speaking voice evolves into high-pitched, lusty moans while she approaches her climax. Suddenly, her big stick cock shoots a big white load of cum! The Shemale Strokers director threw in a slow motion instant replay of Luna’s pearly white money shot for good measure.

Sissy Pornstar Sweet Tasha

“I am a crossdresser/femboy/sissy/tranny/transvestite. I take no offense to being called any of those labels,” says pretty Tasha of Tasha loves other crossdressers, femboys, sissies, traps, and cute boys with shaved cocks. She prefers shaved or hairless cocks. Tasha hates body hair and you won’t discover any on her sweet, sissy form. The Canadian submissive bottom from Kelowna, British Columbia, also loves chastity devices, butt plugs, and cute outfits.

I last time I saw Sweet Tasha on masturbating and producing huge cumshots on Chaturbate TRANS was about two months ago and I wondered what had become of

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There are tons of ModelCentro models out there, but only a few sissies with websites like If you think you’re as cute as her, why aren’t you making money with your own crossdressing website?! The more you interact with your fans, the more traffic you will have. How much can you make? If you are driven and make lots of content, there is NO LIMIT to how much money you can make. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to make part-time girl admirers cum, get to!

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You can watch a 45 second trailer of lovely Abicha jerking off on the elevate x landing page of Ladyboy.XXX if you like. Abicha (who sometimes also goes by Charboo) has a regular job as a makeup artist and she is from Chaing Mai, the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. I don’t know what stage of transition Abicha is in or if she’s on hormones at all. I just know that she has the type of 5’4″ (163cm) figure many of us here will love. Her contact info is Tel: 0620028089, Lind ID: charboo3786 in case you’re in her neck of the woods. When Achiba’s full-length video begins, she bares her flat chest quickly and with no shame. She must know how gorgeous she is and doesn’t worry about not having a big rack. Millions are attracted to petite femboy bodies and she’s obviously turned on by posing. By the time Abicha withdraws her uncut cock from her short shorts, it’s almost as rigid as it can possibly get! She exposes the bulbous head and strokes the shaft firmly to a full erection. When Achiba stands up to continue jerking off, you’ll notice that she’s wearing a carefully applied blonde wig and blue contact lenses for Western appeal. How many men fly to Thailand just to spend a few hours with part-time girls like this exquisite Ladyboy.XXX model? Countless. Achiba has an ass that won’t quit and she’s not shy about exposing it explicitly. Finally, she lies back to concentrate on bringing herself to a tumultuous climax. She smiles sweetly after shooting a huge cumshot. Then she waves goodbye.

Kacy TGirl on Pure-TS

Kacy TGirl on Pure-TS

For anyone who may have thought Christian XXX of Pure-TS only has sex with transitioning trans girls and cisgender females, stunning 5’8″, 36a-29-36 part-time girl dispels that myth! She recalls, “It was September 2015 when I drove to Las Vegas to shoot my 1st porn video. Christian had taken notice of my presence on Twitter and asked if I’d be interested in doing a handjob blowjob scene with him (“hell yeah!”). Being my 1st shoot, I reached out to UK porn star TS Mia Maffia since she had shot with Christian. She was so nice to respond and her reply was classic. “Don’t worry hun, just relax and enjoy because he’ll put you in the positions he wants.” lol. And she was soooo spot on. Christian sat back in a chair in my hotel room and held the camera and silently directed me as I went to work on his cock and balls. When we were nearing the end, he shut the camera off and fucked me several different ways to get good and worked up for the cum shot finale. I was like a rag doll as he picked me up and poked me in various positions (I still get off to that memory form time to time 🙂 We went back to rolling on camera and I finished him off to an amazing cum shot (finger painted my face with his seed for the fade to black). And just like that, my 1st porn shoot was done. The waiting began for the editing of the scene and subsequent release online. Christian constantly shoots scenes so my scene was simply added to the line up. Waiting, waiting, waiting…and then it happened! The last week in January I saw Christian’s tweet announcing that TGirl Kacy’s blowjob scene was available for download. Nearly peed my panties when I saw that! Despite my excitement, I waited a bit longer to actually watch the end result. I wanted to relax and savor seeing my 1st time. After meeting with some clients on New Years Eve, it was time! Cracked open a bottle of 2010 Saint-Joseph, sliced up a baguette & cave aged gruyere, and connected the laptop to the TV. Despite being my own worst critic, I was really happy with how it turned out. Watched it 3 times in a row and came a gusher on the last viewing 🙂 I cannot thank Christian XXX enough for that opportunity, all the memories of my 1st time, and the subsequent opportunities that it has generated for me. Please support him the way that he supports us tgirls and download my porn video debut on Pure-TS!” Watch the Tranny Blowies trailer.