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I’d been wondering why this gorgeous ginger hasn’t been performing live on webcam on lately. It’s been a busy year for her since she’s entered the studio side of the adult industry. First, she was in a torrid bareback threeway with Natalie Mars and hung Christian XXX on his website Pure-TS. You may remember when Jamie French ran the Jamie’s Fetish website years back as a crossdresser. She’s since transitioned and is now an award-winning producer with DVDs and her newer website. Jamie is the photographer of this incredible shoot with Shiri and it’s the lovely redhead’s Shemale Yum debut! Under Jamie’s experienced direction, Shiri introduces herself while sitting on the sofa in her pretty dress. She gets down to exposing her budding hormone breasts quickly and you can tell by the way she caresses her nipples that they’re quite sensitive. By the time she discards her dress, Shiri’s cock is already stiff and poking out of the waistband of her panties. The view of her curvy ass is breathtaking, but when you think of who shot the video, you’ll understand why Shiri is barefoot. Jamie French has a strong foot fetish and her scenes cater to lovers of sexy peds. When Shiri stands up to lower her panties, her cock springs out and the bulbous head is flushed pink. She spends the remainder of her Shemale Yum debut getting lost in the pleasure of stroking her raging erection. This is an amazing first time shoot on this long-running site that you can stream or download. It’s not to be missed!

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I am a TG/TV/CD/ transvestite/tranny/etc., “girl” who loves to play dress up says T.R. Annie who is on webcam for free on! Yes, registration is absolutley free for Chaturbate TRANS cams! “My favorite outfit is a blue jeans skirt, cream colored silk blouse with pearls, an assortment of bracelets and strappy sandals with silky smooth bare legs,” she adds. “My story is similar to those you have heard a thousand times already – A little boy discovers the joys of high heels, female clothes, nylons, etc. and grows up to be a forever- and-ever transvestite….. Here’s how it started – one day, home alone, I tried on a short red skirt, with a pair of black high heels. It felt really good! I took off the shoes and experienced pulling on a pair of nylons for the first time. Oh wow! And then the feel of my nyloned foot “slipping” into the high heeled shoes and walking around like that, like a girl, I was in a dream! It felt incredible and I knew others would think it was “wrong” but it was irresistibly desirable and exciting at the same time . For me, it felt,.. so right.
That’s about it really!
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Here is a list of some of the more subtle things I love about being a girl:
* Tilting my head to the side to get my hair out of the way so I can put on an earring
* Fixing a bra strap that has fallen down off my shoulder
* Changing outfits several times before I get it just right
* Taking my shoes off outdoors and feeling the breeze through my toes while wearing pantyhose
* Replacing an errant strand of hair back behind my ear
* The feel of earrings dangling from my ears
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Which buttplug is the best? None of them… those sluts prefer real cocks! Cassy Cassard, Jana Felina, Gina, and Sophie star in Buttplug Express on! These are just a few of the 100 image photo gallery 1067 x 1600, with 2 Clips [HD – 1080p]. What could be hotter than a TV orgy with horny German babes who love to fuck and to get fucked? Cassy Cassard entered the amateur adult industry in 2003 and has developed an incredible archive with her production company Cassard Studios. What you’ll find inside is lesbian transvestite sex, vintage nylons, roleplay and fetish outfits….Cassy and her friends dressed as nurses, schoolgirls, stewardesses, secretaries, 50’s style pinups, geishas, police officers and army officers. Are you ready to take a ride on the Buttplug Express? If so, there are no buttplugs in the buttplug room – just real live cum shooting cocks on this train.

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After nearly 20 years as a network of separate BDSM sites, has re-launched as Kink Unlimited, an all-access portal for the company’s two dozen brands. The move represents a new era, freeing the online giant’s massive user-base from the confines of separate subscriptions. Kink Unlimited will allow visitors to access the studio’s entire library of BDSM content with one $49.99 monthly pass. “This is beginning of a new chapter for Kink and really brings us to where consumers are in 2016,” said Peter Acworth, founder and chief executive officer. “We built a business on the strength of very specific niche sites, but consumer sexuality is broad. In doing testing, we discovered BDSM consumers are willing to pay more to get more, and this new strategy reflects that.” In May, tested the new strategy by combining its six gay BDSM sites into a single site. The strategy worked, Acworth said, and he expects it to usher in a new era of creativity at the company. “This change releases our directors from the burden of having to update 22 individual websites weekly, and they can instead focus on features with higher production values,” he said. “It also allows directors to easily spin up new channels with fresh ideas. Given the devious minds of the kink directors, I expect some eyebrow-raising creativity. “The feedback from members has been great,” Acworth added. “They get much more content.” Existing affiliate accounts for individual sites will continue to work. “This has been something customers have been asking for for a long time,” said Director of Marketing Matt Slusarenko. “Once we looked at the conversions, we realized that this was something that would work well for the company. “On a weekly basis, we’re producing nearly twice the amount of content of anyone else in adult,” he added. “This move allows us to give more to the consumer and allows us to direct more resources to develop the next generation of adult entertainment.” Take the Kink Unlimited tour and watch some torrid trailers!

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