Essential crossdressing contacts tips

So you’ve found a crossdress contacts website you want to join and hopefully start meeting up with other sexy transvestites and if you are new to contacts websites there are a few tips that will make your experience within site more enjoyable and at the same time get some great sex

A lot of UK crossdressers join contacts websites and have great expectations that sometimes soon get diluted, which more often than not has nothing to do with the contacts site and more to lack of any real thought by the member

Whilst we will provide you with the place to meet with members you still have to put some effort into your profile and meeting with other members online, so read these important tips on how to get the most from a UK contacts website

If you follow these basic tips you’ll be getting admirers other crossdressers begging to meet up with you

1- Don’t rush, it is not a race and once you have found a site to join spend sometime reading other profiles and see what others are saying and whilst looking at adverts make notes of the things you liked, or didn’t

2- Consider your username, try to keep something that is short and if possible descriptive as well as this will not only help members remember your name but when members are search for contacts if yours is memorable or jumps out it is far more likely to get clicked on

3- Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, there is little point in telling people you’re an extremely convincing tranny that’s slim if you are not.

4- Profile (KISS -keep it simple stupid) – you don’t have to write a book but give people the information they will need such as your likes, dislikes, what you are looking for and what you expect

5- Photos, ok lets be honest we all love looking at sexy crossdresser photos and for a lot of us that’s one of the main reasons for join a contacts website, so when considering your personals advert make sure you have “some” pics to place within your advert. An advert with no photos will get far fewer replies, and consider this would YOU click on a profile that showed photos or one that didn’t?

Exactly like me you would click on the one that had photos. The photos don’t have to be too revealing if you are shy and also they don’t have to show your face but by putting a photo onto your profile it will tell other transvestites that’s you are serious about meeting

6- Description, this is the first thing people will see when searching profiles so make sure your profile grabs them and says to them “ click me, I’m a sexy babe”

7- Get involved, we offer you all the tools to meet with members with forums, chatrooms & blogs so use them as this way you’ll get to meet with other members and other members will see your profile online and contact you

By following these basic tips you’ll soon start meeting with members and will have a great time within our community

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Why so many UK crossdressers use contacts websites!

They have always been around, men who like dressing in women’s clothes that is, but for most it isn’t something they do in public, they don’t consider themselves to be transvestites and they certainly do not want to become female. For them is a sexual fetish and one only to be shared with a select few!

Certainly in the UK before the internet there was no good and truly anonymous way of contacting either other guys who had the same interest or other people for sex whilst they were “dressed”, in fact for anyone who was interested in any type of swinging the only way of finding contacts was to use the classified ads in the back of the local paper!

Now though, and especially in the last few years, technology has spawn a whole plethora of swingers and sex contacts sites on the internet and it has given all sexual fetishes a whole new lease of life as it is so easy to find a relevant site, sign up and find like-minded adults.

With the majority of these contact sites it is easy to search for exactly the type of personal ads you want to view, in this case crossdressing males, you can then read what they have put up about themselves, view their photos and then if you are interested you can send them a message and see what develops.

Many websites also offer additional features which can include things like chatrooms dedicated to xdressers and trannies (sometimes they are video chat rooms utilising the users webcam so they can see the other chatters), forums where discussions on dressing, makeup tips, etc can be shared and personal blogs where users can post their own crossdresser experiences and stories.

Whether it is the realisation that there are hundreds of guys that indulge their feminine sides that it is almost becoming an accepted pastime in the mainstream culture, or the fact that it is shown, discussed and featured in the media that more men are admitting to enjoying it – whatever the reason it is certainly a fast growing sector of the adult sex contacts scene!

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