Silicone crossdresser boobs

Silicone breast for crossdressers

Hello all my crossdressing girls! I made a post a little while back about what we crossdressers use for boobs! I was going to make it three parts, the first one was just talking about how to stuff a bra. I was going to make a second part then third, but that really is not necessary. A step up from just stuffing a bra is getting foam inserts. They are like the silicone boobs, just made of foam.

They fit in your bra better, are light weight and come in different sizes. But, they still don’t look real so you have to have them covered at all times. Which brings us to the holy grail of crossdresser boobies, the silicone boobs. Silicone boobs have come a long way, looking very realistic and you can even go bra less, looking like you really have tits!

Now then, crossdresser silicone breast are made of,,,Bob in the back row, the answer please? SILICONE, very good Bobby! You get to stay after class and beat my,,,, chalkboard erasers, lol. Now there are different kinds of silicone, but for the most part they are pretty much the same.

All of the good ones have a very thin “skin” on the outside. This skin is what keeps the silicone preserved, keeping in moisture and dirt out. You must not tear it or put chemicals on it. Silicone has a very life like feel, look and jiggle just like real breast. They warm up to your skin temperature and have a nice weight to them.

They come in triangle, teardrop, oval and Asymmetrical shapes. The Asymmetrical, to me anyway, looks the best. They have a left and right form. But they are hard to find. The others can be used on any side. What shape you want really depends on how they fit you, how your own body is shaped.

They come with or without nipples. Now then, sometimes you want to be discrete and don’t want to draw attention. But other times you may be in a fun, flirty mood, and want to show off. When you do, you can put attachable nipples on your crossdresser forms, Weeee! They come in different sizes, from very short, demure ones, to big long WOWZA LOOKIE HERE ones!

They all come in flesh tone. Some are made in a variety of colors, but it is almost impossible to get ones that match your own skin. I have a secret I’ll fill you in on later. Most wear them with a bra, but if they are not too big you can go bra less.

breast tape That brings us to how you attach those wonderful crossdresser breast. All breast form stores carry double sided tape that is made for holding the forms in place. The bigger it is, the more tape you need. You can get forms in a very wide range of sizes. Wash your chest well, put the tape on the form, then press in place.

They also have a liquid paste that works well around the edges to give your breast a near seamless look. But, it is a pain to take off. So, how much do they cost? Well, like anything, you get what you pay for. Some you can find for around $80.00 a set, up to as much as $1,200.00! Some claim to have much more realistic forms than others, I can’t say anything about that.

To make your crossdresser breast look as much like the rest of you, you need to blend in your cream foundation at the tops of your breast. Some even use a very thin body tape to put around the seam to help blend it in.

Now for my secret. How do you get the forms to look just like the rest of your body? Well, it just so happens I use to be,,,, an airbrush artist! So, you use body paint, mix it until you get just the right color of your skin, then airbrush over your whole breast and chest. Glue on your attachable nipples and Bingo, perfect color!

But, most of us don’t have an airbrush, or want to go through that much trouble. So just use your makeup to do the best you can. Now you have crossdresser breast that look, jiggle and feel like the real thing! All breast come with instructions on how to care for your forms. Always keep them clean, wash after each use, and don’t put to much pressure on them!

Ok class, that wraps up the 2 part boobie fest. Some of you will use each type, depending on how much you want to do or how much you want to look like a “real” woman. But heck, you don’t have to have breast to feel like a woman. But it helps!