Married men and crossdressing

crossdresser high heels

Hellooo everyone. Wow, what a lovely day in Orlando it was today! After this post I’m going out to take a jog. Sorry, I don’t mean to rub it in if you live up north. THIS is why I came down here! Anyway I wanted to make this post about married men who crossdress.

Now, I have never been married, so I may not qualify to say much about this. But I have been doing a lot of research, and this is what I found out. It seems like quite a few middle age, married men with kids crossdress. No one has any real percentages, but I have heard anywhere from one in six to one in ten.

I think most had always been crossdressers, or thought about it. Maybe they did a little when they where young, or had thoughts about it. Then they get caught up in the big rush to succeed in business, they fall in love, get married, have the kids, and suddenly they are middle age.

Now, they are more at ease with themselves, life has slowed down a bit, the kids are gone to school and bunny will not be home for another 2 hours. Hhhmmm, I’d love to find out what that teddy I bought for bunny feels like, and maybe those black pantyhose! So they start cross dressing a bit. [Read more…]

Is Larry Wachowski a guy or girl?

The Wachowski brothers, is Larry a he or she now?
The Wachowski brothers, who are currently wrapping up the movie “speed racer” in Germany, are still being talked about a lot in the crossdresser news. That would be because of Larry Wachowski, who may, or may not, have transitioned, or had a sex change. There has been many stories about him, but no one seems really sure how far he has gone.

Larry and Andy Wachowski are the two brothers who made the kick ass “The Matrix” movies. I liked most of them, but the first one was the best. The others always had something hanging at the end. I was that girl in the red dress! Well ok maybe not, but it COULD have been me, I was just not in town that day.

Larry Wachowski, crossdresser and transgender? Larry Wachowski has never hid the fact that he is a crossdresser, good for you girl! Then throw in the fact that he divorced his wife for a dominatrix and you have some great gossip on your hands! But the question remains, is he now Larry or Lana? [Read more…]

Crossdressers and exercise

barbells for crossdressers Good evening everyone. Hope you had the day off like a lot of folks did today. I see all the Christmas lights and all are up around Orlando, it’s like Santa comes during Thanksgiving night and strings it all up! Even the radios are nothing but Christmas music, yyuuuhhh!!!

Anyway now that we are in the season of pigging out, with candy, eggnog, fruitcake,,, well ok scratch that, it’s not editable food, that makes me think of my work out routine. I was born with good athletic genes; tall, strong arms, great legs and a damn nice ass!

When I was younger (not too long ago!) I worked out in a gym with weights. I would work out real hard for about a year, then get bored with it and stop. Then 6 months later I’d feel guilty about slacking off and work out again. I did that about 10 times right up until recently. [Read more…]

A crossdressers first time out

crossdresser nightlife Every crossdresser remembers it. Some with pride, some with embarrassment, all with nervousness. Yes I’m talking about the first time you went out in public as a woman, Weeee!!!

Many of you still have not gone out in public crossdressed. Many of you never will, and many have no desire to do so. But for a lot of us that is a goal, that first time we feel we look good enough, have enough confidence in ourselves to dress up and go out as who we really want to be, or at least try it just once.

When I think of my first time, I really think of two different times I went out. One was just going to a friends house for a small party. The other is when I went out to a club. The house party was the first time ever I went outside my house crossdressed. [Read more…]

Crossdressers and lesbians

lesbian triangle
What’s going on my crossdressing girls! I don’t know about you, but for some reason I have had a lot of lesbians in my life! I currently live with two, a couple that are my best friends. I’m not sure if being a crossdresser, transvestite or whatever you want to call me has anything to do with it.

I met Kelly, one of those two lesbians, way back when I was just 22. We worked together and had a lot in common. I was the first person she came out to. Of course I did not care what she was, so we became good friends. I become her big brother (or is it big sister) helping her out with her struggles to find herself.

Over the years we had our ups and downs, but we always were there for each other. Maybe we got along so well because I identified a bit with her, even if I did not know I was a crossdresser at that time. Through her I met a lot of lesbians, including a long list of her ex-girlfriends, lol! It’s funny how lezzies tend to remain friends after they break up. [Read more…]

Movies for Crossdressers

Crossdresser movies
This little crossdresser loves movies! To be honest, I don’t watch ANY television. No, not one bit. While everyone else is trying to outdo the Joneses with the biggest and best HD screens, I could care less if I even had one in my house. My roommates have two, one in their bedroom and one in the living room, both flat screens.

Kelly loves to watch TV, mostly true story crime or cop shows. Ashley is not as big a fan, but watches because that’s what Kelly wants to do, lol. But me, I never watch it at all. When I was a kid I was the total opposite. I would watch TV all the time, I had one in my room. Star trek, oh yes, that was my must see TV!

Also I remember I could get home from school just in time to watch all in the family and then the Jefferson’s. I watched in my room with the door closed because of my hearing loss, I had that sucker as loud as it could go! Even then I sat real close to it with my hand cupped over my left ear to hear better. Then at night I’d watch 4 hours or so of it. Plus cartoons on the weekend. Wow, that was a lot! [Read more…]

Crossdresser sissy slave

crossdresser sissy slave

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crossdresser sissy slave

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