Sissy maid slave, hot sissy eBook with kinky story

Forced feminization sissy stories eBook!
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“Forced feminization, sissy maid slave” is one of the hottest sissy books out there! If you are passionate about sissy maid training, sissy humiliation, femdom, bondage, and forced bi, then you will definitely enjoy reading this book.

It is written by Betty Cross, a crossdressing sissy who loves to put her kinkiest fantasies on paper. The book is about a married guy who becomes the obedient slave of his dominant wife.

Chuck is offered as a prize at the annual “Husband Auction.” His wife’s best friend bids and wins him. As a result, the poor guy is turned into a sissy maid and forced to serve the two women and their lover. They force him to wear sissy maid uniforms, pretty dresses, frilly lingerie, nylon stockings, petticoats, and erotic lingerie.

The sissy is used by both women and forced to do house chores, serve tea, lick their pussies, and watch how they are getting fucked by muscular Jack. This kinky sissy book is available on, so make sure you check it out today!

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Forced feminization, sissy maid slave eBook stories!

Forced feminization sissy stories eBook!
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Hi girls! I have a new kinky sissy story eBook out and wanted to share it with you all. This one is called Forced feminization, sissy maid slave and it’s one long and kinky story about a sissified husband.

Basically it’s the story of Chuck who gets pushed into a husband auction for charity event each year by his sexy wife. But this year his wife’s hot girlfriend Donna bids and wins him, and he has a funny feeling about that!

He feels even more funny when his wife tells him she is going with him to Donna’s house on the big chore day. Anyways on the day he is to do whatever work Donna has for him they both arrive at the house to see Donna and her husband Jack outside.

They all go inside where Donna leads Chuck to the bedroom and his outfit for the day; a cute maid outfit with stockings, silk thong, high heels and full makeup and wig! Poor Chuck starts doing the housework as the others watch and talk between themselves.

Things really get kinky as they then tell Chuck to follow them into the bedroom where the two women and Jack have more erotic surprises for this sissy slave. This will be one day and night this sissy gets all her virgin holes probed and fucked!

It’s a really erotic and kinky sissy story that you will love I’m sure. So click on the link and check it out, along with the other sissy stories I have at Amazon’s kindle store.

You don’t have to have a kindle to read it. You can download their free app to view eBooks right on your Mac or PC, or even your tablet and other devices. So go and get it now and let me know what you think! 🙂

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Hot and erotic eBooks!

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Hi everyone, I wanted to show you something different today! I have two friends that are writers and they make some very hot and kinky eBooks. The books don’t have any pictures in them but the stories are damn hot.

The first one above is called Lila’s Erotic Happy Ending and is written by author Elektra Steele. It’s about a girl who goes to a get a massage. She gets the very last one of the day and the masseuse turns out to be a hot hunky guy.

Asking for a full body massage Lila gets aroused by his warm hands stroking her tight body. They end up having lots more fun then they thought they would get!

The next one is called Pam’s first anal sex and is written by author Jillian Valentine. It’s the story of Pam who is feeling lonely so she goes out to a club with her perky friend Carol.

After some drinks and hooking up with some college studs she ends up in a private room naked and getting her first even cock up her tight virgin ass! That’s a story anyone would love!

The stories are very good, well written and very hot and kinky. You can view them on your Kindle, computer, tablet or almost any other type of e-reader. So check them out for a good erotic time!

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New kinky sissy ebook for tablets, Kindle!

Kinky sissy stories ebook out now!
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Today I have something new for you! We all know more and more people are reading ebooks on Kindles, tablets and other types of readers. Sissy and crossdressing stories are getting very popular to read as ebooks as well.

So I am starting to make a line of sissy, cross dressing and feminization stories in ebook form! I am selling them on Amazon for a relatively cheap price each. In time when I get enough I’ll make some into bundles so you can buy several stories in one book.

You can read these sissy stories on your Kindle, tablet, other wireless readers, mobile phones and even on your computer. Basically any type of electronic reader device can be used to view these kinky stories.

This sissy story is called Training of a kept sissy! It’s about a cute sissy that gets caught sneaking a peek at a sexy mistress. Soon the poor sissy is brought to the estate of the mistress for proper sissy training.

Will our sissy be able to handle her kinky sissy training? Will she get in trouble? What naughty things will happen between her and her new sissy roommate? You’ll just have to find out inside the book!

It’s a short story, about 19 pages long. It does have explicit sissy and cross dressing sex content, just so you know. I hope this will be the start of many more sissy and cross dresser stories.

I also will make some femdom, gay and erotic stories that are more “normal” in style, so to speak. A bit of everything for all taste. So check out the new Training of a kept sissy ebook today and start reading great sissy stories!