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Erotic Crossdressing Sissy Stories Collection is a must have for any crossdresser who wants to learn about the world of female domination. This collection has 6 stories in total, including three of the best forced feminization books written by Betty Cross, a popular author of sissy stories.

Treat yourself with “Sex change sissy,” “Forced feminization, sissy maid slave!” and “Training of a kept sissy.” These highly erotic stories will delight your senses and turn you on.

“Crossdressing sissy tales” features two different stories that will make you laugh and give you a clear picture of the crossdressing world. “Forced feminization, sissy maid slave!” is one of the best selling sissy feminization stories on the web, featuring an engaging story line and unique characters.

“Sex change sissy” and “Sissy’s night out” will keep you busy for hours. All of these books are packed with kinky crossdresser sex, forced feminization, sissy maid training, and strapon sex.

Check out this big book of kinky sissy stories today!