Forced Crossdresser Fantasies porn site review

forced sissy feminization comics and drawings

The weekend is here! Party time, or time to relax. Except me of course, I’m always working on this site, or one of my other sites. One thing I just finished and added to this site is another porn site review. This one is called Forced Crossdresser Fantasies. I made a post about it once, and finally got the review done.

This site is filled with over 1600 art and drawings of forced feminization, sissie slut training, sissification, cuckold abuse and other forced crossdresser pictures. They also have hundreds of both long and short stories. Some are even very long illustrated picture stories and continuing stories. The forms of abuse these sissie crossdressers get is a wide range.

They get humiliated in public, spanked, whipped, strap-on fucked, tied up in bondage, forced to suck cock and get their ass fucked. They get fully dressed up and made up, then get forced to be the slave maid and told to do humiliating things. It’s a fantastic site for all things sissie and forced feminized. So go check out my review to find out all about it, then visit the site!

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New sissy forced feminization video page!

Hi everyone, the weekend is almost here! I wanted to quickly tell you about a new page I made, one of many I am working on. One of the sissy sites I promote, Shemale Sissification, has now made a lot of their full length videos available to watch and download per video! That’s great for two reasons. One, if your just really curious about watching sexy shemales force feminizing sissyboys, you can now just buy one video for a few bucks and see what it’s all about.

Two, if your thinking of joining the Shemale Sissification site, you can now watch a full movie or two and decide from that if you want to join. So it’s a win win situation. I plan on having a very large section full of several different pages of all kinds of different downloadable videos. Shemales, ladyboys, lots of different crossdresser and transvestite porn, fetish wear, femdoms and more.

This is just a start. For now, since it’s a sissy forced sissification site, I made the page in the Sissy Forced Fem section you see on your left in the sections box. Or just go here to the Sissy Videos Page. Once I get several types of videos I will make a main page of them in the top navigation bar so everyone can see where they are. Or for now just go right to the Shemale Sissification videos store and see what it’s all about.

The next page I’ll be making is a cool poll page. We girls just love to know what the other crossdressers do, what they think, how they became a crossdresser and all that good stuff! So I’m making a big-ass poll page that will be in the top navigation bar. That should be ready in a few days. Let me know what else you would like on here!

Sissyboy forced feminized and fucked by a shemale

hot shemale force sissifications sissyboy and fucks him

Hello everyone! I’ve noticed that a lot of my reader here are big fans of the sissy, forced feminization stuff. So, I thought I’d update you on a new site I talked about a month ago. It’s called shemale sissification, and it’s truly one of a kind. Now we sissygirls love the thought of being forced to dress up, get a makeover, then get forced to suck a strap-on before getting it up the ass!

But at Shemale Sissification they do it even one better. Sexy shemales force feminize these sissies, then make them suck their shemale dicks before ramming it up their tight asses! Come on now, you know you love the thought of that. Not only do you get to see those big hooters, you get that bisexual fantasy taken care of when that shemale cock comes out. Some of them are big too!

In this gallery hot blond shemale Shayene decides to teach her good for nothing boyfriend a lesson. Getting out her crop she forced him to strip, then put on red stockings, red thong, pink bra and a beautiful red dress, complete with long red gloves and 5 inch high heels! Next comes some hot makeup, followed by a sexy long blond wig.

She lets him lick her tits a bit before ramming her shemale cock down his throat, fucking his face good. Then she turns him around and plunges her long dick deep in his tight ass, reaming him hard. She ends up blowing her cream all over his chest and face. This new site has lots of shoots now of many hot shemales force feminizing sissyboys. They even have high definition video too, plus bonus feeds. Take the long free tour and check it out, or

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shemales force feminize sissyboys

Sexy babe force strap-on fucks sissyboy in dress

sexy babe strap-on fucks sissyboy

Hi everyone. My sissyboy post seem to be a big hit, so I thought I’d share another one with you all. This gallery is from the site called Strapon Sissies. It’s all about hot, sexy babes force feminizing their sissyboys, dressing them up in frilly, girlie clothes, putting on makeup and wig, then forcing their sissy slaves to suck their strap-on dildo before ramming it up their tight ass.

All us sissygirls want to be a sissy maid or slave to a hot mistress. This site shows you all kinds of different scenarios. From hot office boss girls that fuck their copy boys, to gang bang women doing a poor sissyboy over and over again! The people that bring you this site has over 40 others, and if you join you get free access to 4 other strap-on sites!

You even can join what they call Strapon Discounts, which gives you 7 different strapon sites for the price of one, including this one. Anyway back to the hot gallery. Stephana is a slim and sexy babe mistress that has feminized her sissyboy Gilbert. She comes back home from shopping with a surprise for him.

Coming out of the bedroom she’s wearing a big strap-on dildo! She has him lick it before shoving it down his throat and fucking his face. Then she spears his tight ass, driving it deep as she exposes her tits and fondles herself. This is one hot gallery you need to check out. Hell they are all hot, so go take the long free tour that has lots of free movies to see for yourself, or

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sexy babe strap-on fucks sissyboy

Sexy babes Cuckold humiliation, strapon fuck sissyboys at Humiliatrix

sexy babes humiliate sissyboys

Hey everyone, it’s TGIF! Time to party and relax. So I have a very special site for you to see, along with some great free movies. If your a sissyboy, your going to love Humiliatrix! This place really knows what you loser sissies want. It has dozens of the sexiest babes you’ll ever see, all putting you down, laughing at your little cock and ordering you to lick their boots before giving you a strap-on fuck up the ass!

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sexy babes humiliate sissyboys

Each hot babe has her own way of abusing her sissy slaves. Some give them Small penis ridicule, googoo-talk humiliation, sissification, tease and denial stuff. Others do Cuckold humiliation, cleavage teasing, titty taunting, sissy emasculation and so on. Still others do Bikini tease, butt worship, verbal emasculation. There’s lots of femdom strap-on fucking sissyboys too.

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sexy babes humiliate sissyboys

These sexy femdom mistresses really know how to put down, abuse and humiliate all you sissygirls. They have tons of hot movies, audio put downs, Public Humiliation Assignments and lots more. Hot sissy cartoons, cock lock movies, forced feminization, the list goes on! Click on the two movies above to get a little taste, then go take the full free tour at Humiliatrix!!

Big changes ahead for this crossdresser fun house!

HI everyone, TGIF!! Weeeee, time to kick back, lift up your skirt and have some fun! I wanted to let you all know some things that your crossdresser Betty here has been working on. Crossdressers are a very diversified lot. There are so many different types of crossdressers. I made this site for crossdressers, but I can see that in order to please most, I need to make different areas for you all.

Some of you are really into the sissyboy, forced feminization stuff. Others love femdom and bondage, where hot babes make men slaves and abuse them. Others are way different, wanting to see pretty women in sexy lingerie, stockings and so on. Close behind that is fetish wear, like wanted to wear pantyhose, corsets and all that.

Others would just like to see crossdressers having a good time with sexy women. Then we have the whole shemales, trannies and ladyboys. Those seem to really be popular, I guess most crossdressers have that curiosity of having sex with a transsexual. There are more, but damn this is getting long girls! You get the picture, we have lots of different interest. [Read more…]

Great forced sissy feminization comics!

forced sissy feminization comics and videos

Hey everyone! I’m trying to get this place in shape, as you can see. I just redid my reviews page so it’s easier to get around, and added a great new site. This place is a cool sissy forced feminization comics and video place called Lustomic. It’s NOT a paysite.You make an account, then browse all the comics and galleries and buy only what you want. Once you buy it, you can view it anytime online or download it to your hard drive.

They have around 23 different artist that make the comics, so you get a nice variety of styles. The themes all have some form of sissyboy, sissification, sissy forced feminization and other types of sissyboy, sissygirl slave domination. Only in comics could this stuff happen! Hunk men getting transformations, then forced to be sex slaves, sucking cocks and getting fucked by big dicks.

forced sissy feminization comics and videos

They also have a few cool forced sissy videos that are of real people, not animation. It’s damn hard to find videos like that. In fact you can’t find any of these comics or videos anywhere else but at Lustomic. The quality is really good, with lots of detail and beautiful babes as well as hunky guys. So check out the review I made about them HERE. Or visit the site at Have fun!