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Forced feminization sissy stories eBook!
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Hi girls! I have a new kinky sissy story eBook out and wanted to share it with you all. This one is called Forced feminization, sissy maid slave and it’s one long and kinky story about a sissified husband.

Basically it’s the story of Chuck who gets pushed into a husband auction for charity event each year by his sexy wife. But this year his wife’s hot girlfriend Donna bids and wins him, and he has a funny feeling about that!

He feels even more funny when his wife tells him she is going with him to Donna’s house on the big chore day. Anyways on the day he is to do whatever work Donna has for him they both arrive at the house to see Donna and her husband Jack outside.

They all go inside where Donna leads Chuck to the bedroom and his outfit for the day; a cute maid outfit with stockings, silk thong, high heels and full makeup and wig! Poor Chuck starts doing the housework as the others watch and talk between themselves.

Things really get kinky as they then tell Chuck to follow them into the bedroom where the two women and Jack have more erotic surprises for this sissy slave. This will be one day and night this sissy gets all her virgin holes probed and fucked!

It’s a really erotic and kinky sissy story that you will love I’m sure. So click on the link and check it out, along with the other sissy stories I have at Amazon’s kindle store.

You don’t have to have a kindle to read it. You can download their free app to view eBooks right on your Mac or PC, or even your tablet and other devices. So go and get it now and let me know what you think! 🙂

Click here to read more and see other kinky sissy stories now!

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The cruel mistresses from Femdom Empire take humiliation to a new level. They really know how to use men for their pleasure and they enjoy doing it. The sissy slaves are teased about their small cocks and forced to eat cum, clean the flour with their tongues, or wear a chastity belt.

The techniques here are varied. Most scenes feature oral servitude, pony play, spanking, bondage, whipping, sissification, forced bi, and orgasm denial.

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Femdom Empire is one of the most comprehensive sissy humiliation sites on the web. The sissies here don’t stand a chance against a strong, dominant woman with a paddle or whip.

The mistresses are only concerned with their personal pleasure. They force the sissy slaves to lick their pussies and asses, clean their boots, and eat their own cum. If the image of a sissy boy in pain excites you, take the free tour at Femdom Empire now!

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Being teased by a beautiful woman is a fantastic experience. The babes from Teasing Video will decide if your small cock will be spewing its venom or not. This kinky porn site focuses on tease and denial, cuckolding, forced feminization and chastity.

You’ll find over 100 different types of tease and denial videos inside, in both HD and standard format. If you are into femdom teasing humiliation niche, this site is a great choice.

From ruined orgasms to verbal humiliation, small cock teasing, bondage, and blowjobs, Teasing Video covers various niches. Most scenes feature good looking women who tie up their male slaves in bondage, play with their cocks, and then ruin their orgasms.

Some movies feature hot lesbian sex. There are over 28 mistresses available inside. The content is updated two or three times a week. If you enjoy the art of orgasm denial and teasing, check out this site and take the free tour today!

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If being humiliated and teased by a sexy gal arouses you, then you should take a look at Humiliatrix. This femdom site features original content that is geared toward making you feel like a pathetic loser.

Here you can meet some sweet looking girls who will make fun of you and let you know how insignificant they think you are. Completely unique and totally original, this kinky femdom site is a great choice for guys who love to be treated like dirt by gorgeous women.

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The hot chicks from Humiliatrix love to sissify their slaves and fuck them in every possible way. These babes demand sissies to masturbate in public, bark, or cum on demand.

They make fun of their small cocks and fuck their sissy asses with strapon cocks. This keeps the site very fresh because there is always something new to see. If you love to be treated like a little bitch, take the free tour from Humiliatrix!

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The English Mansion – Lady Nina Birch – Pretty Frilly Sissy Part 1-2

The pretty, frilly sissy who gets the attention and assistance of Lady Nina Birch from The English Mansion really is pretty! She curtseys when the Lady enters the room and commands her to twirl girlishly. Lady Nina inspects the sissy’s petticoats and rubs them to hear the loud noise they make. The limp wristed cutie pie remains stationary repeating, Yes, Mistress,” after every one of the Domme’s comments and upon caressing her long, sexy sissy legs. Lady Nina orders the sissy to take a lollipop from the bureau and instructs her how to lick it. She’s ordered to imagine she’s giving her Mistress special attention between her legs. I’m however imagining that pink tongue and painted lips around my big, stiff she cock! When the sissy sits on the loveseat, Lady Nina sits beside her and teases her with her own petticoats and her full-fashioned sheer black stockings. As the pretty sissy sub continues licking practice with her round candy stick, her Mistress raises her pink petticoats and exposes a sizable bulge in her panties. One of the sissies pink, hairless balls slips out. Just when you think Lady Nina is going to expose the sissy’s clit, she humiliates her, making her stand up and show off her trim midriff and “unsightly” panty bulge. Well, it sure looks nice to me and it’s rather large for such a pretty, frilly sissy! In Part 2 of this torrid scene, Lady Nina Birch sits before the standing sissy and draws her panties downward. The poor thing’s cock springs out an my, it is indeed a big one! It’s quite stiff, too! Now do as Mistress Onyx orders and join The English Mansion. Download “Pretty Frilly Sissy” Parts 1 & 2 and I expect a full report of how they made you hard down there and at what point you came.

Mistress Tangent – So Tight

The official website of professional Dominatrix Mistress Tangent was launched in 2013 under the flagship site of Mistress Jennifer which offers over 60 beautiful Dominatrixes and more than 500 exclusive scenes of every conceivable fetish, from foot worship to extreme strap-on play. There’s easy navigation for model and scene lookup, high quality video and high resolution action still photos with one click zipped download. This site is updated every three days.

In “So Tight” Mistress Tangent gets Her sissy ready for torture. She inspects his tight ass and makes him do some humiliating walking as She whips him for encouragement. She ties up his clit and pulls it back so he looks more like the woman he wants to be. She loves to punish his clit and his balls seem to be swelling as She spanks him.

Mistress Tangent has Her sissy slave’s clit all tied up and She uses the electric paddle on him. She knows he hates the shock and She loves to do it. she alternates with the zapper and a vibrator on his swelling nuts. She makes sure his clit and balls are secure and puts on a huge strap-on. She bends him over and inspects his ass She is going to fuck.

Mistress Tangent probes his ass with Her fingers and loosens his tight hole. Good hard strap-on action as Mistress Tangent fucks Her slave. His ass is immobilized and all he can do is take the huge long cock up to the hilt. She spanks him for a bit and then fucks him some more.

More strap-on action as the pegging is intense. His bound balls are swollen and his cock is pulled back by the bondage this professional Dominatrix has inflicted on his private parts. She pulls out several times to finger his ass pussy and torture his balls.

This slut is going the distance as he is fucked harder and deeper than ever before. She uses the electric zapper right on the back of his balls which have turned a deep shade of purple from the ball bondage. She finally allows his clit some relief as She pulls his cock back and applies the vibrator right to the back of the head causing him to squirt a massive load onto a clear plate. Now it is time for him to lick it up!

The Mistress writing this blog post enjoys this Mistress Tangent video on the Mistress Jennifer and Friends network perhaps as much as sissies do, but from a Domme’s POV. The sissy has a cute little floggable, fuckable ass and looks good in the leather corset and especially in the lacy stockings and tall, open-toe pumps. His circumcised clit rests above a plump set of balls he’s dutifully shaven. He’s certainly not passable as a girl, but very cute. His sissy clit gets rather large when his tight ass is penetrated and his prostate and balls massaged by a magic wand vibrator. It’s obvious that he’s not a trans girl on hormones, which would be nice, but not the case. I can tell by the huge amount of sissy cream he shoots into Mistress Tangent’s glass plate!

Femdom Empire – Sorority House Hazing

Sissy Danielle wants to be part of Deanna Storm and Lexi Sindel’s sorority house, but if she wants to get in, she has to withstand their brutal hazing process. Lexi has put a dildo on the end of a broom handle, perfect for shoving up their pledge’s ass. The girls laugh as they humiliate the sissy bitch. Deanna takes incriminating photos of the humiliated sissy pledge as a little “insurance.” Danielle’s cute sissy ass is so severely bruised! She’s a cute one, too who has obviously been feminized for quite some time. Her hair is naturally long and I’d guess her age to be mid to late 30s. Her legs are very sexy in the fence net stockings she wears and her cute feet are clad in tall platforms. The look of pain on Sissy Danielle’s pretty face is the real deal. No sissy could be tormented like this and not be reduced to real tears. I really enjoy the fact that the subject of this scene is the sissy’s plump, tortured, fuckable ass! Deanna Storm is amazing as a stern, beautiful Domme. But Head Mistress Lexi Sindel is the sole Owner and absolute Ruler of the Femdom Empire and manages all aspects of Her Company. She uses Her stable of lifestyle slaves to assist Her in these tasks. Lexi Sindel started her Female Domination career in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA, while in Her early 20’s. Once She began conducting live sessions with slaves She quickly became one of the most in-demand Professional Dominatrices in the BDSM scene. While still living in Los Angeles Mistress Lexi started dabbling in video. She started filming with Her Dominatrix friends and personal slaves for fun, quickly realizing how much She enjoyed publicly dominating and humiliating male slaves on camera. Mistress Lexi collected video content for two years before launching the site, the predecessor of, in 2005. In 2006 Mistress Lexi moved across the country to Washington D.C., where She opened Her own dungeon and took in Her first live-in 24/7 slave. With Her own play space to flourish in, She continued to perform live sessions and produce content for as well as appear in Femdom videos for several other prominent video companies. Mistress Lexi also enlisted the talents of fellow Dominas and fetish models to appear alongside Her in video as Her video business kept growing. As Mistress Lexi grew into a more mature Dominatrix She began to outgrow the limited scope of Accordingly, She decided to launch a new site incorporating all aspects of Female Domination. Thus, the was conceived. This switch required cataloging and reformatting 7 years worth of video content, much of it into HD format, but with the help of slave labor She was able to formally launch in December of 2011. Mistress Lexi Sindel has since relocated back to Los Angeles where She holds court at the Femdom Empire. She keeps a personal slave stable to assist Her in the daily running of her operation. Mistress Lexi continues to inspire and educate the next generation of Female Dominas in the art of owning and controlling sissified men. – Barbara Fucks Austin


Austin looks like such a sweet sissy in his little white tank top and matching skinny jeans, sucking on his girlfriend’s strap-on cock. He’s so lucky to have a woman who understands his feminine desires. He’s not embarrassed about showing Barbara his sexy jock with his bare legs up in the air. This type of sex we see on Strapon Screen makes Barbara as wet as it makes Austin’s pussy stick hard!  


His cute ass is up too and ready for a powerful finger banging from his deceptively strong girlfriend. Austin moans his pleasure as she runs the fabric of his girlish jock strap across his shaven balls. His cock is straining for release. Then the moment of truth comes when she straddles him and rails his tight, virginal ass! This is one of those Strapon Screen movies I wished I could jump right into. I see myself fucking Austin, too! I’d love playing with his beautiful girlfriend, making Austin my cuckold as I fuck her silly. I’d make his lick my cock clean and whatever’s left inside her pretty pink pussy.

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Sissy Pornstar Sweet Tasha

“I am a crossdresser/femboy/sissy/tranny/transvestite. I take no offense to being called any of those labels,” says pretty Tasha of Tasha loves other crossdressers, femboys, sissies, traps, and cute boys with shaved cocks. She prefers shaved or hairless cocks. Tasha hates body hair and you won’t discover any on her sweet, sissy form. The Canadian submissive bottom from Kelowna, British Columbia, also loves chastity devices, butt plugs, and cute outfits.

I last time I saw Sweet Tasha on masturbating and producing huge cumshots on Chaturbate TRANS was about two months ago and I wondered what had become of

Why did she stop doing shows on the best webcam site? Now I know why. She’s a ModelCentro sissy superstar!

There are tons of ModelCentro models out there, but only a few sissies with websites like If you think you’re as cute as her, why aren’t you making money with your own crossdressing website?! The more you interact with your fans, the more traffic you will have. How much can you make? If you are driven and make lots of content, there is NO LIMIT to how much money you can make. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to make part-time girl admirers cum, get to!

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The sexy mistresses inside Mean Girls Club are the most evil and abusive chicks I have ever seen! They force feminize their crossdressing sissies and put them through all kinds of kinky and perverted sissy abuse games. The sample crossdressing sissy pictures here give you an idea of just what they do and how mean they are.

It’s full hardcore forced feminization and crossdresser sissy porn at it’s best. As you can see in one femdom picture they even use their strap-on dildos to double penetrate their pooor sissyboy, ouch! That’s got to hurt! Ass worship, forced feminization, sissification, forced cock sucking, cum eating, whipping, sissy bondage and so much more happens inside.

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The sissy videos inside Mean Girls Club are high definition and updated about twice a week. You see the sexy mistresses get naked and have their pussies licked and fucked by the sissies too, after they whip their sissy asses! For the best crossdresser and sissy forced feminization porn in extreme hardcore sex, make sure you watch the free tour at Mean Girls Club!

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