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Alrighty everyone, the week is starting and I’m starting it off with a brand new crossdresser sissy porn site on here! A friend of mine told me about this one, and damn is it hot! It’s called Gay Like Girl, and the name makes me cringe a little; I never like to use gay with crossdressers. But the site is fantastic, a sissy crossdressers dream!

What is so great about it is that the crossdressing sissies are really spot on. They are younger girls with that slender, sexy look about them. Their bodies are shaved and feminine, with great crossdresser clothes, wigs and makeup. The site is basically about these feminine sissy crossdressers that get fucked by guys.

The crossdresser sex is very hardcore and detailed, as these skinny sissies suck big cocks before getting their tight round asses split wide and hardcore fucked. Those of you who always fantasized about being a slender sissy crossdresser getting manhandled by a stud, getting your face fucked before having your ass violated will really be turned on with this!

The top gallery is a hot blond crossdresser getting her holes stuffed by a hunk. The bottom one has not one but two sexy crossdressers getting drunk before having their ass reamed hard by a lucky guy. So check them out by clicking on them. Or take the free tour at Gay Like Girl here. It’s one of the best crossdresser sissy porn sites I’ve found yet!

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hot crossdresser porn site Gay Like Girl

Shemale Sissification porn site review added

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Well I hope everyone had a good weekend. Some of you still have today off too. I just added another porn site review in my review section. I thought I would have a lot more by now, but I’m getting there! This one is for Shemale Sissification, a very unique porn site that combines sissyboy forced feminization with sexy shemales!

It’s a fairly new site, and it’s the only one of it’s kind. The whole idea behind it is hot shemales bring their sissyboy straight boys over for a visit or something. Then the horny, kinky shemales strip their poor sissies down, dress them up in pretty stockings, panties and dresses. They add makeup and a wig to make them pretty.

Then they whip out their shemale cocks and make their sissyboys suck it till it’s long and hard, at which time they ram it up their sissyboys tight ass and hardcore fuck them. Every set is full hardcore with the shemales fucking the sissies. They even have double teams, and sometimes a shemale and female abusing the slave sissies. Light bondage and whipping is also inside.

So check my review out and let me know what you think. It’s a neat combination of sissyboy forced feminization with sexy shemale sex. The sissies could stand to be a bit more feminine, but all in all it’s a great porn site. Since it’s new they give you free access to 20 other porn sites once you join!

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Hot babe forces her sissyboy to ass worship her

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Hot damn, look at how slender and tight this sexy chick is! This cutie is one of the sissyboy mistresses at Mean Girls Club, the hottest sissy slave porn site on the net! In this gallery sweet chick Brina decides to get her sissy slave to give her a good ass licking and ass worshiping. She sits on his face, her wet panties smothering his nose.

Then she takes them off and has him lick her hot asshole and pussy for a bit. Finally she puts a dildo strap-on over his mouth so she can ride his face and use him like a sex toy! They have a dozen or so sexy mistress dominatrix at Mean Girls Club. They force their sissy slaves into forced feminization, forced cock sucking, ass worship, sissy humiliation and much more.

They do extreme sissyboy sex too, like fucking them with strap-ons and using power tools up their tight ass! Just when you think these sadistic sissy mistresses have done their worst, they think up even more painful and humiliating sex acts on them. Foot licking, cum eating, sissy milking and more, these sexy girls do it all to their sissyboys! Take the Mean Girls Club free tour here, or

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Sissyboy foot worship and milking at Mean Girls Club

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Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to buy the presents you REALLY want for yourself. That means joining a hot sissy porn site, like Mean Girls Club. I’ve got a cool sissy picture gallery today from them, it’s two sexy girls abusing a sissyboy with chastity cock locks, foot worship and some forced milking.

They drop this sissys pants and reveal his cock locked up tight in a plastic chastity lock. They tease his cock, making it swell and hurt inside the lock. After sticking their tight ass and pussy in his face they put him on the floor and rub their feet over his abused dick. Finally they take the lock off and use some toys to milk him off.

Mean Girls Club touches on every cool sissy porn subject, like forced feminization, sissy humiliation, tease and denial, foot and ass worship, face sitting, sissy strap-on fucking, sissy training, forced slave milking, even forced bisexual banging! It’s a sissyboy’s dream porn site as a dozen or so sexy mistresses abuse their sissyboy slaves.

The girls are super hot looking, and they get naked and even fucked, but only after they dress their sissies up in cute maid outfits, make them clean the bathroom and suck on the pizza guy’s dick! If you never joined a sissy porn site before but always wanted to, this one has a bit of every sissy sissification sex you would want. Take the long free tour with hot videos here, or

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Crossdressing sissie fucked by cop

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Weeee, looks like this sissyboy crossdresser has her ass covered huh, lol! I thought I’d share another gallery with you from the new site called Gay Sissies. Now, I really don’t like the name of it, I mean most of us don’t want to be called gay, because we are not! BUT, if you can get past the name it actually is a really cool sissie crossdresser site.

What’s nice about it is it has feminine sissies all dressed up and having jobs as maids and stuff like that. Then they get sexually harassed and fucked by their male boss, co worker or other type of Kinky situation. They also have crossdressers having sex with each other in full dresses, pantyhose and other lingerie fetish wear. What could be better than getting felt up and banged by a horny guy while your dressed as a maid!

The dresses, stockings, panties and other lingerie are all very nice, not that crap you see in cheap sites. They even have the sissies getting deep kissed, something you don’t see in other sissie sites. So it’s a nice big mix of crossdressers having sex, ass toying and crossdressing sissies getting chased and ass fucked by studs, yes!

The gallery today has the sissyboy in a green top and skirt with stockings and high heels. A cop is there, and soon it’s the sissie that gets stuck up by his big cock! This slender sissie really gets her ass split wide while she wears her frilly panties. When you join now you also get a crossdresser pantyhose site for free. So check out the gallery below, or take the long free tour with hot videos here.

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How to strap-on fuck sissies and crossdressers

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Hello all my crossdresser and sissy girls! It’s been a while since I made a real “how-to” post, so I thought I would give some advice on how to strap-on fuck crossdressers and sissies. Or rather, how to TAKE a strap-on and how to get yourself ready for it. The getting ready part can also apply to those that are going to get fucked for the first time by a real dick!

Now if you watch strap-on porn it looks easy. The crossdressers bends over, the girl, or guy, puts on the strap-on, slides it in slowly, then bangs the sissy hard. Easy! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! NOT! If you have never done it, that is NOT how it’s going to work! More likely you will feel pain like you’ve never felt before, you might rip your colon, and you just might have a nasty bowl movement. Not a fun time!

Now, I’m going to tell you what worked for me, others might have different ways and tricks. If you’ve never had anything up your ass, it does not feel natural at first. Your bodies first reaction is to close your anus muscles tightly and push it out. For the first few times practice on yourself, by yourself. Pick a time you can relax and know you’ll be alone. Now, start with something SMALL! [Read more…]

Big changes ahead for this crossdresser fun house!

HI everyone, TGIF!! Weeeee, time to kick back, lift up your skirt and have some fun! I wanted to let you all know some things that your crossdresser Betty here has been working on. Crossdressers are a very diversified lot. There are so many different types of crossdressers. I made this site for crossdressers, but I can see that in order to please most, I need to make different areas for you all.

Some of you are really into the sissyboy, forced feminization stuff. Others love femdom and bondage, where hot babes make men slaves and abuse them. Others are way different, wanting to see pretty women in sexy lingerie, stockings and so on. Close behind that is fetish wear, like wanted to wear pantyhose, corsets and all that.

Others would just like to see crossdressers having a good time with sexy women. Then we have the whole shemales, trannies and ladyboys. Those seem to really be popular, I guess most crossdressers have that curiosity of having sex with a transsexual. There are more, but damn this is getting long girls! You get the picture, we have lots of different interest. [Read more…]

Great forced sissy feminization comics!

forced sissy feminization comics and videos

Hey everyone! I’m trying to get this place in shape, as you can see. I just redid my reviews page so it’s easier to get around, and added a great new site. This place is a cool sissy forced feminization comics and video place called Lustomic. It’s NOT a paysite.You make an account, then browse all the comics and galleries and buy only what you want. Once you buy it, you can view it anytime online or download it to your hard drive.

They have around 23 different artist that make the comics, so you get a nice variety of styles. The themes all have some form of sissyboy, sissification, sissy forced feminization and other types of sissyboy, sissygirl slave domination. Only in comics could this stuff happen! Hunk men getting transformations, then forced to be sex slaves, sucking cocks and getting fucked by big dicks.

forced sissy feminization comics and videos

They also have a few cool forced sissy videos that are of real people, not animation. It’s damn hard to find videos like that. In fact you can’t find any of these comics or videos anywhere else but at Lustomic. The quality is really good, with lots of detail and beautiful babes as well as hunky guys. So check out the review I made about them HERE. Or visit the site at Have fun!